Series of time people do ask what is USB in other word is called OTG which means ON-the-GO.USB is Device which act as a host and allow other USB devices to be attached to them.it is normally used to add more to your smartphone’s functionality.here you will be able to learn 13 amazing thing you can do or carry out with your OTP cable

*1 you can charge your smartphone with another smartphone

I’d call this battery stealing technology.it is a fun idea though.I know you will certainly love to use this as this allows you charge your smartphone from another one and the phone which acts as the USB host will automatically charge the other one.this item comes in handy in case ¬†your In emergency.

*2 Connect a Portable Hard Drive

Smartphones use portable hard drive too,not just computers.you can as well connect a portable hard drive or external storage with the help of OTG cable.all you have to do is connect the OTG cable to your Smartphone and the external storage is on.you can as well access the external storage device easily from your file manager. You can as well transfer files from your phone to the external storage too with the help of OTG cable.

* 3 Connect Your Phone To a Game Pad

I don’t like playing games on my android screen,I prefer using a game controller an it’s possible with the use of OTG cable currently,many Android games support external game pads,an you can easily connect an external game controller to your device using OTG cable.

* 4 Connect USB Light
You can connect a USB Led light to your android phone using an OTG cable.you can even connect the Led flashlight to help you capture image when the environment is dark or at night if your phone doesn’t come with a front flash.

*5 Connecting LAN cable 
You can use OTP to connect your smart phone with LAN but first you will Need to buy LAN to USB controller then connect it to your android device just like it being shown on the picture above.you can enjoy the internet access on your smartphone directly.

*6 share Contact,messages between two phones
Samsung’s smart switch app helps one to transfer messages,call,logs,contacts and more between android devices with the help of OTG cable.

*7 Connect keyboard and mouse
If your tired of the old conventional way of tapping the screen of your android smart phone and want to go a bit Retro or a text of new way,you could connect your USB mouse and keyboard to your smartphone using OTG cable.

*8 Connect a Camera
it is an opportunity for photographer because in this case you only Need to connect your camera to a computer if you need to clear up few pictures.simply connect youe android device with your camera using an OTG cable.

*9 Print saved Documents in Android
The print share app automatically downloads drivers for USB printer on your android smartphone.simply connect your printer with your Android device with an OTG cable to enable you print document directly.

*10 Create music on android
Almost every modern musical instrument like keyboards,guitars can directly connect with PCs.also with USB OTG.you can connect all the instruments with your android devices.

*11 Recording Audio with external microphone

Bloggers/Youtubers will find this very helpful.you can use an external microphone To record your voice on your android smartphone.Users can connect the external microphone on to the Android using OTP cable and can record it.

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