♦The Spanish and Finnish police,with the help of Europeans law agencies,have arrested 24 members of a suspected prostitution ring preying on young Nigeerian woman,,Europol said Thurday.the victims,mainly vulnerable young Nigerian woman,were Nigerian and trafficking to Spain via Italy”,Europe’s hague-base policing agency said.

Once in Spain they were forced into prostitution,mostly in the cities of benidorm and Malaga,but also Madrid,Barcelona,Soria and Gandia (Valencia)”,Europol said in a statement.

 Spanish police arrested the gang members in several Spanish cities,but it’s leader was taken into custody in Helsinki,where “she was arrested by the police,thanks to effective international cooperation.”

The probs was started when authorities we’re alerted that two Nigerian woman who were seeking asylum could be victims of human trafficking,Europol said

“Investigations revealed the existence of an organised crime group operating in Spain that had a big infrastructure in Nigeria,as well as kinks in Nicer,Libya and Italy.”

This woman were smuggled to Spain where they we’re told to seek international protection and asylum “so that they could work for the criminal organizations without problem in the event of being identified by the police”,Europol said

The group provided the victims with fraudulent documents to request,it added.

The group provided the victims with fraudulent documents to request asylum, it added.

  1. Spanish police earlier this month busted another network that was forcing transsexual into prostitution,and luring most of them to Spain from Venezuela


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