I’m still trying to understand the whole scenario and the reason for such an irrational action.Twitter’s A.I game is ironically fantastic.I’m really impressed I must say.
Mosquitoes are nuisance and they simply don’t deserve to live.Yeah I said it.

Who really took mosquitoes into noah’s ark?..they should be tagged as wild insects.

While I’m here still trying to fathom the reason fid the existence of mosquitoes,here’s what actually happened.

According to the BBC,A twitter user in Japan was been banned from using the social networking site for making death threat against a mosquito..
Tweeting abusive words may sometimes get you banned from the platform but Twitter’s decision to ban user @nemuismywife has a lot of ridicule on social media.
It all started on the 20th of August when he was repeatedly bitten by a mosquito while he was watching TV.
After killing the mosquito,he tweeted:

“Where do you get off biting md all over while i’m just trying to relax and watch tv?die!(actually your already dead)”.

He also added an image of a dead mosquito to Hus tweets A while he received a message from twitter saying his account had been frozen and cannot be reactivated.
He set up a new twitter account,@Daydreammatcha(the account seems to have been deleted)to criticise Twitter’s decision.
He tweeted:” my previous account was permanently frozen after i said I killed a this a violation?”
His angry tweet was retweeted more than 31,000 times and liked by more than 27,000 twitter users.
Some reports claim that the permanent banning of @nemuismywufe was done by an A.I not on twitter.

So we can’t curse these hideous insects on twitter again.this is what happens when you assign the work of a human to an algorithm.However if @newuismywife was actually banned by human.I wish the person who banned him get visited by a swarm of mosquitoes

However If @nemuismywife was actually banned by a human. I wish the person who banned him gets visited by a swarm of mosquitoes
My thoughts on the ban?..


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