If I must say sandisk is a very strong memory card but the price of this one is high


Hmmmm to say the truth,I don’t think one can use this memory card on his or her’s just my opinion,but trust me it won’t really harm your phone.To me there’s no thing bad in it,is just a matter of choice because I stopped making use of memory card a couple of months ago,I moved to cloud storage and it’s seems much better for me than using a memory card.

I know we’ve had painful moments when your memory card stops functioning or gets corrupts and you  remember all the pictures store there.

Yes,it hurts…

But it’s one of those red faced moments we all other words in case you still want to make use of memory card because of the love you have for big space or big memory in particular, Sandisk have just released a 400GB memory card and the bad part of it, is that is too cost N90,000 to get one that is a lot of money.

I never expected it to be pretty expensive but seriously

Is like my semester fees for Two sessions

This SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSD card eclipses the 256GB capacity of sanDisk’s most recent high-capacity card without dropping in still get the A1 App performance class specification,as always and it also store apps and load them also have 100mb of transfer speeds,which means moving 1,200/photos per minute.This is a beast card that’s the same size as all other microSD do you plan on getting one?

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