When flying east,try as much as possible to go to bed earlier-by moving it up a half hour earlier than before,three days before and after your flight.Do the same thing if you’re travelling west.you should also move your meal time closer to the expected time, you’re to have it during your holiday destination time zone.you should not compromise your sleep either by working or packing during the night just to meet up with the flight.because you will arrive already tired.


The habits of drinking lots of water during flight and after your flight is always a good idea,don’t play with that.it will also help to keep your sleep architecture in place and flush your body of any on-wanted stimulating toxins.The stimulating toxins we are talking about are the remains of alcohol or caffeine in the system,therefore it is best advised to avoid them during flight or after flight so as to stay in-order and hydrated throughout your journey.

3.Booking an overnight flight

The earlier the better.when you start planning your holiday vacation,it give you room to option, when it comes to making choice of flights.if an overnight flight is available,go ahead and book it! Not only is it going to make you fall asleep that you would on an afternoon flight,but it would also make you be able to have dinner at the normal time.and you will likely arrive your destination either in the morning or afternoon.for these reasons,your body system is going to have an easier time resetting to the new time zone.

4.Morning Light

Early morning light,Exposure to the morning light is one fast way to adjust to the new time zone.in case your taking a nightb flight try as much as possible to expose yourself to the natural light first thing in the morning and also few weeks before your trip.turn off your artificial light after 9pm for quick result,try combining light exposure with exercise.

5.Stay Away from junk Food

Eat healthily and stay up smart! Eating more of healthy,fresh foods before flying is going to boost your energy levels.Always stay away from eating fatty foods that will leave you feeling drained and restless at the same time.

The joy of every trip is to make most the time away when going on a holiday,I call it time well spend.In-particular for those of us who don’t get the opportunity to travel quite often;therefore if your planning on travelling soon,why don’t you try this 5 way to fight jet lag and see if you can ditch the travel fatigue and grogginess in favour of feeling revitalised,refleshed. ready to enjoy the holiday!


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