PSG president have praise the signing of Brazilian superstar Neymar for a world record fee of 222 million euros by Qatari-owned Paris saint-Germain is “amazing for France”, The club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi told the Daily telegraph.Neymar PSG paid Barcelona a whopping some of 222 million euros ($264 million ) for Neymar,25 years of age in August before signing kylian mbappe on loan with an option of buying the 18- year old from Monaco with the sum of 180 million euros in the second largest deal in history.mbappe had for long being a target of Real Madrid and the deals have provoked a fiery reaction from LA Liga chief Javier tebas,who has of resent accused PSG and the English side Manchester city of making mockery of UEFA’s financial Fair play (FFP) rules.PSG club president,however,told the telegraph in his interview on the eve of PSG’s Champions league opener against Celtic in Glasgow that Neymar’s arrival will be celebrated as it has opened up Europe’s premier club competition.” Naymar is an international superstar”,said Al-khelaifi.”An international brand.that every league will like to have ‘what’s going on in France and in the French league?Neymar is playing for Paris saint-Geemain!’ “Even the people that not interested in football are saying it.Neymar’s first match with PSG was broadcasted in 183 that not amazing for France and the French league.” It is a good thing also for CHampions league because it will have another club competing- I’m not saying by all means we are there yet – but it’s important to have new clubs coming and clubs that have ambition”,in addition Al-khelaifi,who said winning the Champions league is the “ultimate Goal”.He also said that the impact that Naymar signing has made globally on the clubs profile is astonishing.Today we have a good problem to solve- we don’t have enough jerseys!He is huge for us.I was in the US last week,I saw the jersey of Paris saint- Germain is the same in the Asia continent,Latin American, in the  middle East.I was previlage to speak to one of the owner of globo TV in Brazil and he said: Guess how much people in Brazil are watching the presentation of Neymar – just the presentation,not the first match’.I said five million? He said ‘no’. I said ’10 million?He said ‘no – 85 million’.it’s amazing’. for the club at this


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