Apple is launching the iPhone x alongside with the iPhone 8,( the iPhone 8 and 8 plus turns out to be what we’ve being calling iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 plus.)Today it will be launched,in case you’re surprise why is called iPhone x, is because is iPhone 10th the name aspect I hope  not calling the name wrongly,but the name I know is iPhone X.
I just guess we have to wait until Tim cook mentions it today during the launch.nothing more have being said about the phone specification officially but a couple of information leaks have actually showed that this is what to expect.few summary of what was leaked so far-( how ever take this information not too far till we hear from the man of the moment Tom cook.Although our chances of being correct is 85%)

1.There’s no Touch ID,which is bring replaced by face iD.(it means that you will be unlocking the iPhone device with your face instead of a fingerprint)

2.The device X side button will actually not be clickable but press-able like the iPhone 7 Home Button with Force/3D will also have Hall sensor Built in which  can support iPad magnetic sensor like accessories(smart cover).

3.The iPhone X is powered by a new A11 fusion Soc,which is featuring a six-core processor.four are called “mistral” high- performance cores,while the other tow are low-power”monsson”cores. will feature wireless charging

5.iPhone X will have Animoji.this is a type of customized animated messages that is going to use your voice and reflect your facial’ll make use of face-tracking hardware.

This iPhone X device will cost over N385,000….

I’m already thinking of the number of things i could get with this huge amount of Money,bags of rice,new pHones,even open a little business.

Never mine,I think Apple really did a very good job with this machine but the truth is that it is on the high side.

In conclusion Apple will also unveil the new 4k Apple TV Today.

The launch time is 7pm GMT+1.


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