We welcome you to paradise in Comoros whatever you want it to be.raising from sunshine combined with pristine white beaches and a colorful culture adds up to create an unforgettable holiday experience.Getting back to natural magic of rainforest,which seems to be as alive as the animals that inhabit it.when you want to take down off the face of the Earth for a little time with some days in the midst of the friendliest locals on Earth,then Comoros is going to be the perfect destination for you.

little About this city

Is Named after an Arabic word for ‘moon’,Qamar,its poetically named but little- known as archipelago in the Indian ocean, is nestled between Madagascar and Mozambique in the East African was an important trading post for Arab,Persian,African and European trading form the 15th century onwards which explains the comorian Afro-Arab heritage.Comorian Island contains five archipelagoes which are Grande Comore(Ngazidja),Moheli(mweli),Anjouan(Ndzuwani),Mayotte(Maore),with a total population of 795,601.


We welcome you to the island in Moroni,also know as the perfume islands- the small of vanilla,cloves and spices is the ever present here,and the locals are glad to produce more Ylang-Ylang essence for the perfume Industry to be around them, than anywhere else.create a unique experience in Comoros as you sip mint tea beneath the whitewashed building in the Arab Quarter.

Let leave aromatic Moroni behind.hiking in the famous mount mount karthala in Grande Comore and be rewarded with spectacular view of the Island.for a tests of France,making a stopover in the mayotte,which was due to a quirk in the colonial history which is now being governed from Paris.No matter what you opt for,just be ready to leave with a lifetime memories.
The island-hopping 

The Island-hopping is part and parcel of travelling in the Comoros,yet it is also the trickiest bit.experience your own Robinson Crusoe experience by paying a visit to the little villages on the island.stroll,Chat or cycle around the old narrow,winding streets and marketplace or hike to one of East African’s largest active volcanoes,mount karthala in Grande Comore,which was last erupted in 2005 creating a stunning dark,desert landscape offset by impossible white beaches and turquoise seas.Comoros Island certainly stands as it’s best destination for offbeat adventures.


Nature was very generous with the islands scattered in the indian ocean and has spoiled them rotten.never the less the beaches are big attraction,and what beaches:exquisite ribbons of pearlescent sand lapped by turquoise waters and backed by lush hills and volcanoes with hardly soul in sight.making a choice of beach on the island is like trying to pock a flavour of ice cream – they’re all so good! Hot favourites include world-famous Galawa beach,secluded bouni chomoni,lovely itsandra and picture-postcard perfect planet place.

The All Moment photo-Shop

You have to change your camera batteries so that you won’t miss any single shot of enthralling beauty of the Comoros island.Looking at the sea turtles nesting on the moheli island sandy beaches or giant Aldabra tortoises roaming freely is one of those life time experiences we are talking about.taking the mountain road up north from Moroni,watching as the landscape gently unfolds into the gorgeous beaches,palm trees,great baobabs and Moody skies;which makes it a perfect splended photo opportunity.

To boost your followers on your social media don’t forget to capture The Dos due Dragon (Dragon’s Back).A series of rock formations standing tall on a curving peninsula-it looks uncannily like the imaginary spikes on a dragon’s back And is wonderful to behold.Nothing beats scaling the Dos du Dragon itself,an easy walk from the roadside.

What are you waiting for?

Just go ahead and pack your bags,discover some of the best-hidden gams of Africa.Just take a moment to celebrate the beauty of nature in an unspoilt Comoros island.people are really actually doing this.. so you have no reason to still be waiting?mystique moya seems to be another perfect choice if you are looking for the perfect atmospheric place on earth I think Comoros is one of them.

The Cuisines

Make sure you treat your taste bud to the tantalising flavour of authentic Afro-Arab dishes spices with cloves,cinnamon,cardamon and vanilla.some of it’s dishes are;

Pilau:Highly-spiced meat and rice dish.         Laddu;Balls of sweetened and spiced ground rice                                                          mataba:cassava leaves,used a little like spinach.

The Time to Visit

Comoros island don’t have specific time is an all year round destination with a temperature of 20 to 30°C.The most pleasant and driest month to visit are April to December.

Getting there

The easiest way of getting to Comoros island is by flying.However,Note there might be stops and visa transit required depending on the airline your travelling with Book with  travelstart  now!

Duration:4hrs 26min.

Entry Requirement

Nigerians travelling to Comoros island can get there visa on arrival at the airport.

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