When we talk about Travel gadgets what do you think we are talking about,There items which make your travel easier to go from one place to another,They make your vacation,or a cross-country travel easier to navigate,so you can have more te to focus on the fun thing rather then stressing over details.some of these travel Gedgets are tools you need to use during your trip while others are more of precaution,but if needed,worth their weight in gold.zodblog has dug through thousands of travelling accessories and the latest technology gadgets out there,then we compiled these 6 travel toolbox as our too gadgets.we’be skipped the small and normal gadgets,in the likes of earplugs,as well as the big and over-the-top,like the latest tablet or light computer,and aimed for the realistic instead.

1.Do you always forget your charger at home -QBracelet

“Oh my God,I just forget my charger at home!” I have heard many cry about this.Don’t fear,because you will never get stuck with no charger again.this sweet magical QBracelet comes with a charger that is powerful enough to light up your iPhone with extra 50% charge in 40  Minutes,it works like a dream.


The wonderful part is it weighs less than most watches,and it comes in different colours,polished Gold,polished silver,matte black and matte silver.


2.Save Cost On Laundry with Scrubba Wash Bag

What is it that you need to do when you need to wash a few bits of clothing in a small town with no laundrette?or your on backpacking through Europe,going on an African safari,or travelling on a budget south Asia.Taada!that’s where a scrubba wash bag comes in handy.

Throwing in your clothes,with added some Bio-detergent and water,scrub them around on its built-in washboard.Done.Now all you have to do is to find somewhere save to hang and dry your clean clothes.

3.No Sticky Sand with the sand-free Beach Towel

This wonderful incredible sandless beach mat is perfect for beach fun with stress-free beach outing.finally,no more annoyingly sticky sand in your picnic food as this double layer is literally impossible to get cover by sand!Now you can enjoy most of your seascapes experience while chilling in the warm sunshine,reading couples of books,or spreading out picnic with some friends.


4.Enjoy A cup of coffee on kilimanjaro? Handpresso4.

This is a nice one for coffee lovers…Handpresso! It is one of the possibly one of the best inventions that has ever existed on earth.

Great news for coffee lovers…Handpresso! This is possibly one of the best inventions that has ever existed on earth. The highly portable hand press allows you sip on your favourite creamy espresso on the move or wherever you are travelling to in the world, even on Mount Kilimanjaro.


5.why buy expensive camera when you can buy cali case.

No need of buying expensive waterproof camera when you can take your favourite shot while swimming or snorkelling with the Cali case waterproof phone case.this transparent cover case with 2 layers of durable PVC plastic keeps your device completely waterproof so that you can take quality footage inside water And is floatable.Yay! No more worries for water babies. water with lifestraw

Water is life, but to have good one is the problem but you should not worrie again here is lifestraw.good water everywhere- and all of it is available to drink with this handy travel gedget.this might not be on your top list if your off to hotels and resorts,but in case your heading to a bit further afield or camping out,then lifestraw should be An important gadget on your packings.This lifestraw removes 99.999 percent of waterborne bacteria,it including E. Coli,and over 99 percent of waterborne protozoa,including Giardia and cryptosporidium.It removes particles down 15 microns without need for electrical power and can instantly turn virtually any water you can find into safe drinking straw of it is good for 1,000 liters,so unless you’re going on a long trip,you’re good to go with one lifestraw.


These tools are all affordable,small,and very good option for maybe you going on a luxury weekend,business trip or a back to basics camping adventure,I think these 6 gadgets should be on your next travel trip and a must-have.



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