It has not being long,when Apple launched it’s new iPhone x alongside IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus cleverly skipping iPhone 9.


In most Apple devices,the iPhone x is too expensive,costing over £999 ( that’s like 400,000 in Nigerian currency)

But I will be quite honest here,I have not seen any ground breaking feature on this iPhone X.That make’s it cost this much.

Is it the Design?
The xiaomi mi mix 2  with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 obviously has it better.

No Home Button?                                              Am thinking if is because Samsung ditched their own.

They dumped the head phone jacks for Airpods?                                                              Am not trying to speak against it but why should anyone get wireless headphones for $159 (N60,000).I will prefer getting a quality headset (Beats by Dr Dre headphone).what will happen if one get missing?

Secure face ID that can be wrong one in a million times?                                                      Did you see what happen at the iPhone X launch at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino.that the face ID was unable to unpack the phone.I guess that was one in a million times they meant.but Apple didn’t tell us what will happen if identical twins try to unlock one phone.I guess the pass code is just a secure way to bypass the whole debacle.mean why Samsung comes with Iris scanning and fingerprint scanning.

Dual camera setup and wireless charging?    I shouldn’t be saying this but the fact is that there not the first to do this.so there’s nothing new here.
I was expecting Apple to add the touch iD beneath the screen but they never did.Vivo actually beat them on that feature.with all smartphone available in the world,I’d advice that is really unwise to waste $1,000 on this exaggerated,reused and useless features.

Apple have being doing it’s best to sabotage Samsung and the entire Android OS.iPhone X’s screen is quite inferior to that of the S8 in terms of pixel density and brightness.And they had the nerves to market it as”the future of smartphone”.

Like seriously “$1,000″for a smartphone is daylight robbery.you can get affordable smartphone with similar feature for less than that price.

Apple has a very strong marketing scheme that always make people to go crazy over them.The truth is that I don’t know how they do it.but above all Congrats to them but I can’t spend $1000 for a new smartphone.

Do you think Apple would listen to people and fix a lot of things on their anniversary device to mark the end of a decade since the existence of iPhone but “No”.They’re try to take our eyes off what they’re have not done.

1.can’t still install Apps outside the Apple store.

2.it’s still difficult transferring files between computers (Not Macs) and iPhones without iTunes

3.The Accessories Are still Expensive 

4.Users still don’t have total control of customization

Apple makes huge profits from their devices due to the monopoly they enjoy from their O.S and it’s actually becoming something else.

Please don’t judge me because I’m a huge fan of Android phones but let the truth be told,just listing to what a friend from TechknowNG.com have to say.

Apple released a different type of iPhone during it’s last annual smartphone launch ceremony which was held last week Tuesday in the Steve job hall,and it got a lot of people talking.

When it comes to this device it features an edge-to-edge OLED display and Comes with a $999 price tag.I don’t know how it’s price tag will affect other Apple iPhone products but just as usual the iPhone is probably going to get a lot of sales based on surveys.The iPhone X has Received numbers of criticisms from smartphone users and the truth is that it malfunctioned on the launch date sparked a numbers of hilarious criticisms both on social media.That I why we can’t ignore it

Back to the questions now is iPhone X an overrated smartphone.

Let’S look at some of it’s features

1.The edge-to-edge OLED screen.                  One of the feature that make iPhone X stand out was it’s edge-to-edge OLED screen display.Apple was quite excited about the edge-to-edge OLED display during it’s launch,but this feature has obviously been on Android phone for quite for time now.is available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8,Xiaomi mi mix and a couple of other android devices so there’s no reasonable way I will spend a thousands dollars on a feature that I can get for less on other devices.

2.Facial Recognition software                         this is the part I like so Much about IPhone X but the facial recognition system.I’m okay with the fact that Apple wanted coming up with something new but the questions now is will the iPhone X facial recognition system be able to recognize ladies when they’re on makeups,fixed eyelashes or users in general when they have an injury anywhere on there face.the answer is know so will you be left with a device that only recognize you when your,when you have a straight face,My advice to you is not to buy something like that.

3.The phone is too expensive.very costly 

One of the noticeable part of this iPhone X is that it display a price tag that is very expensive.Apple has set it starting cost of this product flagship at $1,000 if you include taxes and the 256GB storage configuration.The device is even more expensive outside the US-customers in Italy,Russia,and Poland,for instance,will all have to pay around $1,600 for a 256GB version of the iPhone X.

In conclusion,I think the iPhone X is an Overrated phone,it shouldn’t be this expensive because all the features that Apple has claimed is new are not new,They all have been on Android phones,I mean affordable ones.But the iPhone X comes with an 🍎 Apple logo at the back of it so I think the logo alone will worth more than $400.

That’s what Daniel thinks but what do you think about the iPhone X overrated,overpriced,over Hyped… I’d love to know your thoughts on this.Please drop your opinion in the comments.


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