Little About Djibouti

DJIBOUTI is a small nation that is located between Ethiopia and Eritrea in the Horn of African with a population of 942,333.most part of the country remain undeveloped,and For this reason is a fantastic destination for Eco-tourists who is looking for a get off the beaten interior is dominated by a kaleidoscope of extreme landscapes starting from plunging canyons to salt-encrusted lakes;while the coast offers excellent scuba diving with the opportunity to snorkel alongside word’s largest fish.on the north is bordered by Eritrea,the west Ethiopia and on the south Somalia,it embraces the Gulf of Tadjoura.

This tiny country has several unique features making it unparalleled to any other place in the I see the reason why,it’s tourism slogan chants the ‘Djibeauty”.Djibouti is an ideal destination for outdoor lovers offering more activities that you will have time for.

Djibouti is it a safe place to visit?

Most at times people ask this questions because every one will like to go a place that is safe,yes it is.Apart from the occasional pickpoket,Djibouti is one of the safest place in Africa and it dose not associate with the problem that persist in neighbouring Somalia and offers travellers who venture into it’s territory a new style of adventure:not many place that you can go for a swim in the morning an in a matter of minutes scaling through the hiking trails of Ardoukoba.Djibouti is a wonderful destination for outdoor lovers looking for an offbeat destination.

The Underwater World

In the spirit of the best diving and snorkelling in the world,the clear waters of Djibouti are magnet for anyone with a vast interest in marine life.It’s richness and variety of activities are breathtaking;sparkling coral walls,enthralling Caves and schools of brightly coloured tropical fish awaiting you when you get down to the the deeper water lurk Manta rays,turtles,sharks and even the world’s largest fish,the whale you no the best part?the water is is so warm that many don’t wear a wetsuit.

Activities To Find On Djibouti

Activities on Djibouti starts with nothing more strenuous than its national pastime-people – watching in street cafe with a coffee or mint tea.using this opportunity to plan on your next moves-a trip to lake Assal,is the lowest point in Africa,learning how to roll couscous,camel trekking in the desert,also shopping at the local markets or getting lost in the beautiful streets.In between this activities,you can sleep in the boutique riads,relax on panoramic terraces and grand squares,and mop up delicately favoured meals- before sweating it all out in the restorative spa pool.

Djibouti Sunset Spirit

This nation might have developed sophisticated shine in the recent years but it’s hippie heart still dances to it’s beat of native African Drums.Heading to it’s beach at dusk on a balmy evening an you’ll find an eclectic cast of free spirits celebrating the sunset with drumming circles,interpretive dance and hypnotic fire twirling.This vibe is inclusive and it’s upbeat energy is infectious-claim a place on the grass than join the party.

What Else are we missing….

From the sunbathing to swimming,snorkelling-is there any better way to spend a day in Djibouti?in addition Escape to the east of Tadjoura for a day of relaxation in plage des sables Blanca.Golden beaches,lagoons with it’s colorful coral reefs that are waiting to be explore around obock,while the picturesque Tadjoura is waiting to go live on your Facebook and instagram.


With more than 20 nationalities exempted from the requirement,Nigeria is lucky to be one of the that visa will be issued on get ready no time to wait,pack your bags and head to Djibouti will be amazed to discover that the flight prices are relatively affordable without going to break any bank.

How to get there

One of the easiest way to get to Djibouti is by flying.moreover,please take note that there might be stops,but it all depends on the airline your travelling with.Book on Travelstart now.the airport code is JIB.

Time Duration:6hrs 35min(non-stop)

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Djibouti is from October to April.however,if your plan on going snorkelling or scuba diving,the best period to go is September to may,when the Red sea water are at their clearest.

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