This city Lyies between the more trodden parts of India and southeast Asia.Bangladesh is tagged as Asia’s greenest jewel- a country braided with rivers,rich culture that is waiting to be explored by pioneering travellers.it’s an ideal getaway that beckons travellers with clear skies,natural beauty,picturesque paddy field excellent food and friendly faces with a population of 163 million.

Looking for an Outdoor Getaway?

When you love outdoors,you’ll fall head over heels for Bangladesh.what’s there not to love about a country that’s so vast,so remote,so naturally beautiful?How can you fail to adore the hiking,horse trekking camping?you can’t.because it’s certainly more than just that raw,physical attraction.Bangladesh are fully aware of the unique beauty of their country.when you ask the locals and they will eventually start gushing about the spectacular countryside,vast steppes,rugged mountains,clear lakes and abundant wildlife and livestock.is it true experience that many people find so appealing.Then if you love travelling without bumping into too many other tourists,then I think this is the county to explore.

Getting off the Beaten Track

You might say it has being In hiding in plain sight.countless scores of travellers have passed overhead on their way to someplace else,but In the years of uncertainty which kept Bangladesh off many itineraries.but now,all that has changed.The country is moving forward quickly as more and more discovery are being made.Bangladesh culture,history with natural beauty are undeniable alluring.it’s the place you haven’t been to yet,that you should.

It’s very Easy

The Distance is short:slow down and don’t try to pack too much into your itinerary.this country is not a tick-the-sights-off-the- list type of country.it a destination to relax,meet people and discover new ideas and way of life.Take out time to explore the Buddhist villages of Kaptai lake or find your place on the sands of kuakata Where you have the opportunity to laze around the sparkling white beaches.wander past colonial gems I’m sylhet,then hit some epic surf.Bangladesh is spectacular,affordable and still often uncrowded.now is the best time to discover it.

Wonders of Nature

Bangladesh is the land of natural wonders,green countryside,colourful cultural life and serpentine River.Take a deep dip at Cox’s Bazar,which is know to be world’s largest sea beach with an amazing natural scenario that is very hard to find elsewhere In the world.lighten your imstagarm feed with few snapshot at Kuakata beach,one of the rarest places on the earth where both sunrises,as well as the sum set and it can be viewed at a single standing position from the same white sandy beach.dont miss kayaking at the medhabkunda waterfall,the largest waterfall found in Bangladesh with a mindblowimg height of 200ft.this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The Adventure that never end

In-case  you have always secretly wished that your mountain wilderness came with a hot cup of tea by the side instead of a soggy tent,you will simply love this place.there’s always another adventure.Done sundarbans?Try the overnight boat trip on the rocket.Ride the Rocket?Ride a rickshaw through Dhaka,the beating heart of the Bengali capital.it’s simply an adventure heaven.

You Still Not Convinced?

Well if your not yet sure,it will be good to know that further south lies Bangladesh wild and woolly national Parks,where nature buffs scan the treetops for exotic bird species and comb the jungles fit tigers and myriad bird life.an for no reason should you miss taking a dip in Cox’s Bazar,the longest beach in the world.you van opt for a luxury safari lodge in the central Dhaka or go exploring on a Wilder trip to remote pabna or Khulna.whether you cross the country by mountain bike,motorbike,raft or tourist bus,Bangladesh offers an astonishingly diverse array of attractions and landscapes.

Dish pot of Bangladesh

Cuisines of Bangladesh straddles the boundary between India and Myanmar and things that get more Burmese and less Indian the further south and east you go.take your tested bud on a scrumptious trip to the Bengali delicious meals that ate centred on rice and del(lentils).Don’t forget to try these unique specialties:

PULAO: fried rice with vegetables and spices,often served on special occasions.

BIRYANI:Bengali-style fried rice,with curry spices and chicken

Shami Kebab:A grilled,highly spiced kebab made with minced meat

The Entry requirement

Pack your bags and head to bangladesh now.the Good part of it is that Nigerians can get a visa upon arrival for 90 days.

Getting there

One easiest way to get to Bangladesh is by flying.just, note there might be stops,depending on the airline you are travelling with book with travelstart now.the airport code is DAC.

Time Duration:13hrs 50min (non-stop)

When to go 

The ideal time to go Bangladesh for a pleasant weather is between September to March.

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