I will like to welcome you to the evolution of phone!smartphones have become such a commodity,this days that we can’t do without,the truth,is that it’s very hard to come up with something new and interesting.This year,we’re getting great new displays with minimal bezels.we’re also seeing new personal assistants coming out of the woodwork.but it make us thinking that we’re already start seeing the next generation smartphone come around.maybe the next big thing in smart phones isn’t more for’s more for just a few.looking ahead,here are the three upcoming phones that can change everything.

 from the fact we received we are made to understand that there is a new crop of phones coming out,seemingly for the interested audience out there.we are talking about the audience who seem to be looking for something a little more redefined,or a little more up to there standard.look no further than the rumored iPhone 8/pro,which according to rumor out there will start from the range of $1000 and go further from there.IPhone was a status symbols for a long time,but that’s no longer the case.perhaps,this is an attempt to bringing this back.But,we all no iPhone iPhone every where.

But on the other side, Android will be having some interesting phones coming up soon that are more redefine, even more interesting thing to be that is why we want to take a moments talk about them.

 The Seeing RED

We know that the tech space is dominated by Youtubers who are all packing high-end camera for that reason there is no higher- end Red now RED want to make phone too.Of course,at the moment,all we have are a couple of prototype,which was available to be seen.this prototype looks classy and sexy.this phone will be modular,with numerous snap with accessories,much like the moto Z with the Essential phone.presumably,this phone will cater to the high-powered film crowd and will have a camera optics to match.we don’t have any specifications on this phone yet but the truth is it’s a safe bet.if you’re a camera company,you don’t make a phone with a bad camera.

Also coming to the Red Hydrogen one is it’s “holographic display”.youtube’s marques Brownless has seen the holograhic display in action,and judging by his expressions,it seems like a good thing.what exactly it will offer is still a mystery to me,so it will still remain to be seen if it will be a gimmick,or the real deal.with a price ranging from $1,195 and up,let hope it’s the latter.

The Razor Sharp

Still yet to come,Razor seems to be diving into the premium phone market with a gaming is the lovechild born from its acquisition of Nextbit- R.I.p.Next bit by the way.Razor is synonymous when it comes to gaming,so it stands to reason  that this device- being it a phone/tablet/Nintendo switch competitor is going to be pretty beefy,and likely pricey as well.

We can only say that this phone would need to have top of the line specifications across the Board.maybe a Note 8 on steroids.
Unlike the Red phone,we don’t even have a fit and finish device to take a look at.but we only speculate that this phone would need to have top of the line specifications across the board.everything about this device have to be juiced up if the focus is to be on gaming.that includes the battery- because games suck battery faster than a selfie camera in the hands of movies stars.So it’s necessary having it packed to the core with premium everything,and carry with it a premium price tag.


So to say,this is the weakness of the rumor that say – we have no’s just as moderately built device with some gimmicky D-pad controls running Android 5.1.I certainly hope that this is not the case,but we do need to pause nd remind everyone that this phone is,not yet present.

Just Know When To Fold ‘Em

personally,am positive that just about every oem has some kind of foldable screen tech in the work

Finally,we are on the concept phone that we have heard about.lenovo is the leading public charge to foldable devices and screens.personally,I’m postive that just about every OEM has some kind of foldable screen tech in the works,but lenovo has been making the most noise about this.The folding phone,the folio- say that five times really fast-could be a bracelet/phone or even a folding tablet/phone or both at the same be honest,this is the idea that is the most attractive to me.i’m not much of a gamer,and I have a nice camera,so this future-type of tech is what keeps me going

Lenovo is the OEM that makes the most sense as well.along with moto mods and shattershield tech,lenovo is probably the one OEM that is pushing faster in the space.I’m not talking about bezels- although #bezelshrink2017 is a fun year.The idea of folding a tablet and sliding it into your pocket is such a wonderful,unlike the other phones featured here,such a device won’t necessarily have to be high-end.It is going to go a long way towards helping save the tablet from an untimely damage.


…One man’s feature is another mans dismay…

The future looking great,as they that smartphone have saturated the market and become a commodity to do without,OEMs are forced to start pushing boundaries in order to stay important and ahead.of coure,thats a good start -one man’s style is another man’s danger.The Red phone will almost certainly sell.the Razor phone,all depends on what it is,might sell too.the Lenovo folding phone will be the hardest to sell,because it won’t necessarily have a target audience.

What is your take on this?will any of these phones redefine the future of smartphone industry?or will they all be flashes in the pan that fizzle before they make any kind of mark?if your excited for any of them pls let us know below in the comments so we no where you stand.


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