Some users of the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone in Us,Australia and Europe are complaining that SMS messages sent to them fail to arrive.

This problem,which happen to have being affecting users on all four us major mobile phone networks all so in Canada,Australia,France and the uk,it has cause intermittent problems with basic text messages.some proportion of SMS messages appear not to be received by the Galaxy S8.An to add it all no warning is sent,leaving users oblivious.

It has being texted positive that this problem exists with the Galaxy S8 on at least two mobile networks,missing around one in five SMS messages including two-factors authentication codes.the problem is relieved by inserting the sum card into another bronad of smartphone,meaning that the issue appears to be with the Samsung smartphone rather than the mobile operator.

 The users of this smartphone have taken to various forums,comment threads and Reddit to complain of the issue.

Us in a thread on the Galaxy S8 subreddit,one user called Ep260 said:”oh wow, I honestly thought it was just my mom’s ancient flip phones not sending turns out it actually was my newfangled smartphone.”Another user called culby said:” Ahhh.I missed some important work texts earlier in the week that resulted in me dragging My ass inti the office three hours early,only to find out that I didn’t have to.”

In Uk alone,96bn text messages were sent in 2016,according to the data from regulator ofcom.However,SMS usage is in decline,down 5.5% in 2016 year-on-year and down from a peak of 151bn in 2012,

Thanks to “over-the-Top” messaging services such as whatsapp and Facebook messager.but many services,including those such as Facebook and whatsapp that use SMS for two-factor authentication rely on ┬áthe decades- old service,meaning Samsung users could get locked out of account if the Galaxy S8 and others are missing text messages.

A solution for this problem is yet to be suggested.Samsung is yet to respound to requested comment.


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