Growing profile of a music Icon Fela In his Felabration keeps bringing wonders and glamour to the city of Lagos Nigeria.every round of the year thousands of visitors gather from all over the world at Afrika shrine to celebrate the legend of afrobeat icon- the late Fela Anikulapo kuti.

What is this Felabration?
It is an annual festival of music,culture and arts which commemorates life and times of Nigeria’s foremost musical icon,the late Fela Anikulapo kuti.it is undoubtedly showing Nigeria’s response to the world of music festivals.The theme of this years Felabration is “prophecy” dipicts his fight against corruption that ingrained our society and the lack of basic amenities.for the past twenty years ago,even those who felt he was committing nuisance have now come to believe in Fela’s own style of Gospel,as everything he prophesied and fought for have come to pass,and his vision of a better nation have become faultless.

The raising of Felabration
Felabration has raise from music and dance to become a custodian of African Culture,entertainment,history an education.Felabration has hosted an audience of over 1 million people around the world (with over 30,000 in Nigeria).this years edition which start on 9th of October,2017 is he 20th celebration of the aftermath of Fela.It has have already proven to be fun than people bargained for,as it continues to come up with surprises.so here are 5 reason why you should attend this one.

1.Test of African Cultural Display
Is the place of pilgrimage for those of us who want to catch a glimpse of African culture,the dance and the afrobeat music.it features many dance troupes with artists that have the African culture embedded in their style of dance that would perform to your delight.

2.The music that make sense!
Felabration is the center of attraction for the best local and international acts from all part of the earth that are ready to display their creativity and musical talent.it is a place where you can listen to the best Afrobeats in the world.As always a long list of artistes will be performing live on stage to a massive number of fans of this music icon.the artist that will be performing are; kiss Daniel,Femi,Niniola,Sauti Sol,viktoh,Terry Apala,MC Galaxy,DJ Jimmy Jatt,Adekunle Gold and seun kuti.

3.The New Afrika Shrine
If you ever want to understand the life of this icon Fela more,Afrika shrine is the best place to head to.from the historical reflection of music to the philosophical an political messages on the boards.the actual shrine that is being decorated with statues,Fela outfit,his famous slim fit yellow shirt and trousers to match can be available here.we all must admit,this is the home of great afrobeat master.

4.kalakuta museum
If you have ever dreamt of getting close to Fela,the kalakuta museum is the best place to spend your Felabration week.it has luxury suites that ha e made it possible for tourists who are coming for Felabration to ha e their accommodation in comfort.however,if you do not want to lodge,you can visit here during the festival and join the parties that are held in the rooftop terrace every night.is fill up with fun more than you can imagine!

5.The Networking Opportunity
Felabration provides a valuable networking opportunity for those who share the same interest and feeling.celebrities from different part of the African continent will be present at the event to perform on stage for free.it is a night packed with fun.Get out tonight and you won’t regret it.see you there!

If you have ever experience the Felabration festival before? Please share your experience with us in the comment below….

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