I will definitely tell you that there’s a 100% chance that your laptops battery doesn’t last as long as it use to when it was bought initially.

Most at times we do wonder if leaving our laptop battery plugged in after it’s have being fully charged would spoil it and if by removing the laptop battery will It save the battery life spam.

Right now let tell You how a Battery works

In order to tell you if you ought to remove your laptop battery,you have to first understand how your laptop battery works.

There are two major types of laptop batteries:one of it, is lithium-ion and the second one is lithium-polymer.this two type of batteries are quite the same or I will use the word similarly,even with the technological differences.This two batteries still have two different strength and weaknesses,too.

Let take a look at this example,a lithium-ion battery contain higher power densities but the bad part is that it suffers from compound degradation (because of the liquids inside the battery).on the other side,a lithium-polymer is a battery that is robust in nature but the bad part of it is that it store less power.

In this two batteries,there is two thing you should know at the tip of your finger:

First,This batteries can never be overcharged

If you for any reason leave your laptop’s battery plugged in all of the time,it is not going to “overcharge”.because when it reaches 100%,it will stop charging,and is not going to charge again until some percentage of the voltage falls below a certain level before it will charge again.

Secondly,Discharging of your battery fully will damage it.Deep discharge of your laptop battery may permanently damage the cells of the battery

Should I Remove the battery or Not?

Yes you should but there’s a thing to this let explain it to you.

The battery will not overcharge but the thing there is that heat tends to affect the life spam of the battery negatively.example During an intensive session of Gaming or running a driver,a plugged in laptop will potentially generates more heat at that particular point in time.

Mind you overheating of a lithium-based battery is one of the top causes of long-term damage to this battery.In a case like this,if you are going to use a laptop battery plugged into power for long session of gaming,I will likely advice you to remove your battery before proceeding into such activities or place the laptop on top of a cool surface.

This are the “things” in it.

You also need to make a decision when it’s time to take your laptop battery out,and when there isn’t enough time to carry this activities out.
The other perfect time that you should remove your laptop battery is during a prolonged period when you won’t be making use of your laptop.In a situation where you Wont be using your laptop for some couple of weeks,is better to remove the battery in other to keep it in shape.

And I will advice you to charge the battery to a minimum of 40%,then remove the battery for will allow the battery to remain stable without damaging the battery.


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