The Royal Air maroc is holding a high standards In the terms of quality,comfort and services offered on board of there airline.we are proud to say,that it’s home country Morocco is one unique charming country,highly picturesque and it’s physical attraction is complemented by the Moroccan hospitality.that is why the country is an ideal tourists’ is good news! In case you have ever dreamt of visiting this beautiful African country,this is an incredible opportunity for you to breathe the fresh air of Casablanca while your hotel expenses is taken care of by Royal Air maroc.this servive is available for international travellers with more than 8 hour layover.

Wait that is not all! Even passengers with layover within 4 hours to 8 hours will also be provided with breakfast,lunch and Dinner during their stay before their next,that is a treat! Please have it in mine that accommodation is subjected to availability.

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Here is the luxurious Treat
Royal Air Maroc is going to provide you with a comfortable and welcoming hotels in Casablanca to passengers with a wonderful accommodation before their your arrival at the Casablanca Mohammed V Airport,go to the transit and accommodation location on your arrival then choose where you will be treated like a royalty- the fact is that it doesn’t matter the class of your flight.A nice and welcoming team will be arrange for your transfer to the hotel.isn’t it the coolest thing ever?

Then the perfect hub for stopover
Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca is an ideally situated in a strategic position of the city,which allows easy access to the rest of the world.why not make use of this opportunity to explore this wonderful city of Casablanca- if your ever in need of thinking what to do with your free time,why not start by taking a trip to the lively souks where you can shop for traditional handicraft or take a stroll to the impressive Bab mansour Gate and the Royal stable.Don’t forget to have a henna while you relish the tempting caramelized nuts and fresh coffee.This is one of the layover you will find difficult to ever forget in life.

The shopping and Dining
Making most of your time by exploring the duty-free shops in Casablanca.take your time to shop in Casablanca.Take time to shop for latest wares,souvenirs and jewellery-you might not have the opportunity where you are heading to!let your social media followers feel jealous when you share your pictures of your scrumptious looking meal and charge your cell phone for free at the same what a layover

The reason why is convenient to fly Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc flies to more than 90 destination,33 of which are operates in all of west Africa with a hub in the port city of Casablanca making it very easy for passengers travelling to experience the Moroccan hospitality.

So why wait?visit Travelstart and book your flights now with Royal Air Maroc to enjoy all of this Amazing opportunity. One trip!


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