Most times bloggers that are quite familiar with this idea that you can use a plugin to autopilot a blog or automatically post to your will reduce the stress for you in-case you manage a very large site and you can’t single handily control all the section on your own.autopilot will do the work for you by automatically posting from the sites you have specified to your blog.

For some that are familiar with blogging knows that WordPress seem to be the best blogging platform due to the variety of plugins that are available for sites created with WordPress.Autopilot is limited to WordPress site as of now.but with months of searching for an autopilot alternative that will be able to work on blogger,I was able to find this.note that if AdSense runs on your site autopilot will be a problem because adsense policy prohibits auto generated content which might lead to lose of your AdSense account. is a web base app that helps you share your content around so many social media platforms and from this social networks to your blog.and it dose not stop there,there many more services to explore.The full meaning of IFTTT is (if this then that),the sharing mode of this web base app are called recipes.once you are a registered user login to your dashboard then create new good example of this IFTTT is(if new blog post then share to twitter).

How it can be use to autopilot your blogger blog

First click create recipe then click the RSS feed icon,type in the RSS feed of the blog.or website that you want your blog to be posted from click next then select your blogger pls know that you will give IFTTT permission access to your blog site…when your done with that click not add anything in the blogger option box.I will like to inform you that what you can do with IFTTT is unlimited…you can also post to your social networks in just a click,also so show your YouTube video automatically on your blog once it’s uploaded…

Good thing about Autopilot:it reduces stress,it makes blogging easier.Disadvantages of autopilot:plagiarism is not good thing therefore most websites that use autopilot with no unique content dose not perform well on search engines they are down ranked.the second thing about this,is the fact that ad companies frown at such sites.

This web base app has android and IOS are where you can download it from play store or from apple store. is another alternative to IFTTT.they perform the same thing.
Will like to show you some web base apps that support both Zapier and IFTTT.just know this list is subject to change not all are listed here.
Google sheets,Trello,Google calendar,Evernote,Mailchimp,twitter,Dropbox,Asana,Slack,Drive,Salesforc,Facebook pages,Gmail,RSS by Zapier,Wufoo,Email by Zapier,Basecamp,Podio,Typeform,WordPress,Google contacts,Webhooks by Zapier,Todoist,infusionsoft,Github,Pipedrive,Hipchat,Active campaign,Zohi,Crm,linkedin,zendesk,Google tasks,gravity forms,Hubspot,One drive,Facebook,Hipchat


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