The fact still remain the fact when it comes to drones,drones are one of the gadget we all expect to be very expensive but the truth is that there are actually few drones that are budget friendly with very good specifications too.

portable and Foldable in Design
App control (G-sensor and virtual sticks);
Wi-Fi real-time image transmission;
Altitude hold (auto-hover);
One Kay return-to-home (not GPS);
Headless flight mode;
Multiple flight speed rates(30%,60% and 100%);
About 8 – 15 minutes of flight time;
Near 100 meters control range In open field.

What is inside the box?
It comes In a portable box.there is nothing too much about the packaging lets get down to the main thing.

Inside the box,is the ELFIE Drone,USB charger that looks the same with flash Drive.if you don’t take a close look at the charger you will think is a flash drive but when looked at properly you will see the difference.

It also comes with an instructional manual,a velvet pouch with an extra set of propellers just in case something goes wrong during the flight and any of your drone’s propellers gets damaged.

The Battery
The JJRC H37 ELFIE Drone comes with a 500 mAh lipo Battery.The thing with this battery is that is not plugged in the drone and it is little difficult when it comes to fixing it inside the drone but with little practice it will become easy.

The bad aspect of the battery is the fact that you have to remove it from the drone when ever you want to charge it, in order to charge it little advice to anyone who happen to be in position of this drone is to be careful when handling the battery in order not to end up cutting the wires while trying to unplug it.

It takes about 15 to 25 minutes of charge in order for it to get fully charged.if the battery is low, the drone would automatically shut down always make sure you charge it before it takes off.

Once it’s plug in the USB charger it will display a red charging light and when it’s fully charge the light will stop diplaying.

In the Camera
It comes with a wide range of 0.3Mp camera.Wi-Fi FpV allows the drone to capture photos and videos with a resolution of 720 × 576 pixels.Recording of five minutes video will only take around 23mb.all pictures and videos are store directly on your smartphone hence there’s a need for memory card.

You will fine all the video and pictures store on Vs Fpv folder.The camera’s real-time video feed will be displayed on your mobile device ( smartphone/Tablet) through the Vs FpV app or in the folder of the app which is recommended by your manual.please note that your drone manual may ask you to install a different app.

The first flight
Before you engage in the first flight,you need to first install the App which is recommended on your manual on your mobile device.after the unfolding of the arms,power on the quad open your smartphone network and connect to the drone’s Wifi hotspot.( it’s an open wifi network)
Once it’s connected launch the app and tap on will see a live feed and the virtual joysticks displaying above the on to power on the drone.Usually,by default the propellers are automatically set to be idle mode so you will have to tap on the icon that’s located on the right side of the drone speed(The one displaying 30 is the drone speed)

After that,you then push up the throttle stick (left one) and the drone will start rising,please use your manual if you don’t understand.

Wont advice you to fly indoors if you are not yet familiar with the’s best you start with outdoors first.also leave the default speed at 30 until you’re perfect with it.

In case of emergency you use the “stop” button,this will stop all the motors instantly.

You can control the drone in two ways using the virtual sticks or through the gravity sensor by tilting the phone.the fact is that it can be controlled just the same way you play a mobile game,in the landing of the drone,you only need to press the arrow-down button,and the drone lands and stop all it’s motors.

Issues to find in the Drone
I won’t say that there is no technical mishaps in this drone here they are.

1.flying one side.
It’s because of miscalibrated and it’s need to be it on a flat surface and connect it to your phone and launch the app.turn the drone on,go to settings(gear icon) and select calibration.(it’s the last icon on the setting menu).when you do this,the drone’s front and rear led lights would blink continuously for about 7-10 seconds once it’s done calibrating the drone is ready to fly.

2.not turning on After crash landing
Just unplug the battery and plug it in again.

3.Drone goes off just about taking off
The battery is low so it all you needs to do is to charge the battery. feed not Displaying on your smartphone.simply close the app( Not minimize ).turn off your wifi and turn it on again.After that reconnect the drone,and launch the app and connect.everything should be okay

JJRC Elfie Drone full specifications and price in Nigeria

Buy now (konga)/Buy now (primehomes)

Features: controlled by smartphone,Wifi FpV/ motor type: Brushed motor
Functions:3D rollover,camera,forward/backward,fov,Gravity sense, control,Headless more,one Key Automatic return,one key taking off,sideward flight,turn left/ right,up / down,wifi connection with light

Built- in Gyro:6 Axis Gyro
Night flight: yes
Material: Electronic components,plastic
Remote cintrol: Wifi Remote control
Channel:4- channels

Detailed control Distance : about 100m
Transmitter power:No transmitter included battery 3.7V 500mAh
Flying time : 8-15mins

Charging time (H):about 30 mins video Resolution:720P

price – you can get the drone for N25,500 on konga or from primeHomesNG

My take on this
I will say the drone is pretty good one of the best when it comes to price range,but am not okay with the fact that it you have to keep unplugging the battery any time you want to charge it,and the lack of obstacle sensor which makes it a little bit difficult to handle the drone In an enclosed area.but if you are able to handle this drone perfectly I don’t think you will have issues handling the ones with obstacle sensors.  


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