The fact is that even before the iPhone X was being shipped,there have being rumors that apple could be working on the iPhone X plus which will get to the market in 2019.the information that has being shared are only renderings which shows how the iPhone X plus will look like,but we are not forgetting the fact that experts have also shared little details about some of the features that the phone might come with.

We are not going to overlook the fact that it’s still a long way before the phone is officially released,but it’s necessary to preview the review being shared as most of them point back to the trend obvious of Apple.

Noelle Neff is a photographer who has also been working on different phone reviews highlighting the new features included in this phones that you might want to know about.she has being keenly following news about the iPhone and one of her recent engagements highlighted the planned release of the iPhone X plus.

The displaying type and size
From the information leaked,we are made to understand that Apple will be releasing two phones in late 2018,one will come with a 5.28-inch screen while the second will feature a larger 6-inches screen.the further information that came out stated otherwise that apple would not work on the 5.28- inch screen but to focus on larger screen,so the phone is to hit the market in 2019 will most likely have a screen that is more than 6 inches.according to reviews,experts are much convinced that the 6 inches model the company is working on is the iPhone X plus.

Since introducing the OLED screen system,Apple seems to have come to a wise decision and it’s going to be the same screen that will be used on the iPhone X plus that is expected to be released In 2019.

There we’re rumors that the company will revert to the LCD display screen for the larger model of iPhone X,Apple has already signed an agreement with Samsung Display which means that Samsung will supply OLED screen to Apple.But this all depend on the hope of iPhone X plus coming out in 2018 then the phone will feature an OLED screen which is going to be just like the one used in the iPhone X.

Form the line up of other plus model of the iPhone,the iPhone X plus is expected to share many features with it’s base model.which include the charging system and screen design as well as processor,so customers should expect more of the A11 Bionic chip this time around

However,there will likely be some changes in the camera to make it better and it may be as a result of the competition that Apple has being facing with the release of the Samsung Note 8,that has some decent features.
Engineers at Apple have this reputation of building features to perfection even with the slightest details that was highlighted on the iPhone X will be factored into Polish form, in the plus model by making the corrections.

What we seem not to be clear on is the iPhone X plus price because there have not being any official communication from Apple to help the market get ready.the truth of the matter is that it’s going to cost more than the iPhone X,so this probably will continue to elevate the iPhone price till it take over the sit of the most expensive iPhone ever.

Since there have being a lot of information going around about this phone,is better not to talk about what the phone will have.But to wait till Apple issues out an official statement explaining their next step.so don’t depend on the renderings that was leaked as this could be a trials made before the design team comes to a conclusion on what might be the next release from Apple.

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