Just this week,whatsApp updated it’s FAQ page with an instruction to the public on how to use its new unsend feature which will let users purge the embarrassing messages they send before their intended recipient has had a chance of reading it.but quite unfortunately,most of the users of whatsApp still don’t know how to make use of this features or still don’t have access to this new functionality.

This changes that was made earlier this week.Facebook subsidiaries has announced that it has begin rolling out this unsend feature to all of it’s user worldwide.”This feature will be available to users around the world through the latest version of whatsApp for iPhone,android,windows,phone also in the desktop.”What you should expect:

In other to access ‘Delete for everyone;make sure you update to the latest version of whatsApp.second thing to keep in mind is that this fracture will not work for someone that is not on the latest version of whatsApp.

For more context,thought the Delete for everyone ‘ is only making Its way to the official release now,whatsApp have being testing this feature for quite a long time now.

To avoid the embarrasment of sending messages you will regret(having it In mind that you can unsend it whenever you want),it might be worth of catching a peek at all the particularities of using ‘Delete for everyone;happy chatting.

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