Starting from the stunning scenery,to idyllic beaches, to the starfish-studded sands with road that is so orange that  resemble strips of bronzing powder -which has plenty things to fall in love with in the city of Ivory has encapsulates many people’s life idea of the good life that it offers and it’s holiday experience.

About Ivory coast
Ivory coast is also called Côte d’Ivoire is an African country that is located in the west African region of African continent with a population of 23.7 million people. This country has a mixture of landscapes and cultures that is interestingly different from the rest and for this reason,it is a fantastic destination for eco- tourists who are looking for a get-off the normal has a border with Guinea and Liberia in the west,Burkina faso and Mali in the north,Ghana In the east.this country is a perfect destination for outdoor lovers giving you activities you will have time for.never the-less here are six things you should not miss in Ivory coast:

Don’t miss the famous city of Abidjan
The fact that Yamoussoukro is the capital city,dose not stop activities taking place at Abidjan because is where most action take I see the reason why it was called “the Manhattan of African” Do to the gleaming skyscrapers and manicured gardens of the one place that give you the view you will expect in downtown Paris- do to it’s French influence! The food restaurants are so different from the traditional Marquis restaurant which is all over the city bustling streets.Fashionistas are welcome to shopping in their shop outlets that sell the latest beautiful clothes,Jewellery and bags.whatever your style is,Abidjan has it all!

Getting ready for adventure
This country is an endless adventure for the season and a place where life is being lived in an open air.take your hiking through the mount Tonkou so that you can see Liberia and Guinea,giving you the perfect site for touristic photography.for adrenaline junkies,take a walk down lacasde into a bamboo is of fun more than you can think of. Also make sure you don’t miss out the wildlife at the Comoe National park where you will be privileged to see lions,waterbuck,hippos and other animals frolicking in their natural habitat.Adventure!

For adrenaline junkies, take a slide down Lacasde – a pretty waterfall that crashes into a bamboo forest. It is more fun than you can imagine. Don’t miss the Comoe National Park where wildlife such as lions, waterbuck, hippos and other animals can be seen frolicking in their natural habitat. Adventure!

Leaving The City For Beachy Life
READY your self for the ultimate tropical gataway at one of the sandy beaches in Grand Bassam.Not only can you splash around the crystal clear waters and dip your feet into sand,but can also throw a kite for a fun day out! There is also coastal walks you can take to soak in the stunning view,and lovely pools if you will like to swim in calmer waters.this city offers an ideal hidaaway for R&R

Going to the Fascinating Provinces

To make most of your holiday in a Ivory Coast a breathtaking one.why not head to the Korhogo where you can learn more history About the country and stop to shop the lovely handicrafts or by getting lost in Bingerville to experience a typical village settlement.Also experience more pullover at the country formal capital and the largest city, Abidjan- a place of bright lights,nightclubs and lofty skyscrapers with museums such as if on museum that will treat you to the wonderful history of the country.Yamoussoukro, the capital city has it own charms.know matter what just be set to create unforgettable memories.

Its travel for all
This country is what you make of it and it welcomes all types of visitor. Chill at pampering beach resorts of Assouinde or the budget friendly beach huts on the coast of Grand Bassam.enjoy the gourment fusion food in chic city can as well pull a plastic pew,use it to order some food share a  meal with the locals at the food stall in Abidjan.the good part of this,Is that getting around is not going to be a problem because from A to B is easy because of comfortable buses running all the place with a lot of Tuks the truth is that is a destination for all.

IThe Relish Delicious Cuisines
Have you tested the Kedjenou? This is the chance to do that with a glass of the Daily meal varies from maafe(meat cooked in a peanut sauce served with rice) to Attieke or Noufou (mashed banana or yam mixed with palm oil served with Aubergine sauce).Gastronomes will love eating their way through Ivory Coast.

Requirement for Entry
Is a visa free zone for Nigerian passport what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Ivory coast is also good to let you know that you don’t break bank for the flight price.

The simplest way of getting there is by flying.pls take Note there might be stops,it all depend on the airline your travelling with.Book on travelstart now.The airport code for Abidjan is ABJ.
Is just 1hrs 35min(non-stop)
Best time to visit,is a pleasant tropical climate,so you go comfortably a year round.

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