Seening this headline will put your mind through lot and if you wonder why Facebook needs your explicit pictures just relax and read.

The truth is Facebook isn’t turning to pornHub anytime soon so put the dirty thoughts off.This would actually reduce the percentage Of rubbish post our eyes get to see on Facebook,it will depend on our complies with Facebook….

For instance you have a spiteful ex who want to embarrass you on Facebook by posting a nude photo made in private. Facebook assures you that if you send the photo to the company first,they will make sure that it never shows up on it’s site.

But can you trust Facebook? The company has made it clear that it won’t store the photos but instead create a digital footprint so that it’s

But can you trust Facebook? The company says it won’t store the photos but instead create a digital footprint so that its image-matching technology can prevent any future uploading of a copy of the photograph.

“It would be like sending yourself your image in email, but obviously this is a much safer, secure end-to-end way of sending the image without sending it through the ether,” says Australia’s eSafety commissioner,

Four percent of internet users have fallen victim to revenge p*rn, and 10 percent of women under 30 have had someone threaten to post explicit photos of them online against their will, according to a 2016 study by Data & Society.

Facebook is piloting the program in Australia in partnership with the country’s Office of the eSafety Commissioner, a government agency dedicated to online safety. Next, it’ll be tested in the United States, Britain and Canada, the Times of London reported .


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