As from February 2018 Google will start blocking of annoying ads through its Google chrome browser. Many at time we come across annoying and malicious ads showing up on certain sites. This ads can even make your phone start vibrating, This type of ads abuse browsing experience and as a result of the downloads of ad blocker. It have actually increased Google wants to user to use chrome to avold those kind of ads, coming up and websites are encouraged to get rid of obnoxious ads.

From Google’ point of view they will begin blocking of all add from websites viewed on the chrome browser( including its own add) this action will start February 15, 2018.but only on one condition: if the website doesn’t pass Google’s “Better Ads Standards”. This means that any website that displays ads that are overly annoying won’t show any ads when the viewer uses Chrome on one conditions

Google as a company make most of it’s revenue on advertising,however, it wants to make sure that the web users can have a pleasant surfing experience without seeing annoying ads.

So for site Admin, you have to use Google’s Ads experience report to identify which ads don’t comply with the better Add standards. If the website has a ‘passing’ status, ads will show business as usual. If the status is “failing” for 30 days or more then chrome will stop displaying ads on that website. The website will need to use Google Ads experience report to request a revision of the website before it can start showing Ads again.


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