Phones that will be release by Nokia this year. 2017 Nokia restarted there brand in the smartphone industry with couple of new Android devices, with HMD Global which now manufactures Nokia brand smart phones. which has within the past years launched six top notch smartphones in the market.

From all indication, HMD Global is about to expand the portfolio, even more, this year. From recent reports that was spotted on my smart price website claim that the newly updated camera app of Nokia 5 has revealed the Nokia 1,Nokia 4 and even Nokia 7 plus smartphones.

The names of this yet to released smart phones were revealed via. PNG files in the Camera apo of the Nokia 5.
The Apk file of Nokia 5 camera app also revealed the Nokia 9. However,the Nokia 9 has been on news headlines for a couple of months now.

The Apk file doesn’t reveal any additional details about the three unreleased smart phones. However,judging by the names,I guess the Nokia 1 is going to be an ultra-budget smartphone that mat come with lower space than the Nokia 2.

I also believe that the Nokia 4 smartphone might fall in between the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. There’s also going to be a Nokia 7 plus.

The Nokia 1 is also rumored to be HMD Global’s first ever smartphone that will run on Android Go. So, from all indication HMD Global has some great plan for 2018.

Check back for more update on this.


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