Bangbots may end up killing humans,From all indication,this is really real. So don’t judge me as if it does not

Tech can get really mad at times

The second time an international Congress on love and sex with robots was held last year. Oliver Bendel a Swiss researcher who brief the audience, about prospective robosexuals that “if the machine over-exerts the human,it at the same time reduces the possibility of human sex.”

We Humans can be very crazy at times,having sex with machines is really something else.

Which makes us to understand,that sex robots are coming and In
one way or the another it’s going to slam people to death

The researcher also pointed out some facts about the machine,that it don’t tire out unlike humans. If robot ethics are not addressed before the product hits the market. It could either screw it’s users to the point of physical exhaustion,or even become so much better at intercourse than real people that humanity might stop boning entirely.(what I hope doesn’t happen)

Couple with the present-day tech companies taking lots of user data.when being applied, bangbots might,according to the researcher,be capable of using that information to seduce humans.

With the present state of teledildonics(the very unfortunate name industry of internet-connected sex toys)cybergigolos are a long way off.

If proper care is not taken most cities will end up using these bots excessively may turn to barren wasteland of broken down robot prostitutes and the neglected remains humans they we’re too good at serving. Via naijatechguy


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