Valentine(season of love) is the time to show your love to that special person by taking him or her on enchanting break in a lush and cosy hideout.

If you can’t afford to go through visa application process,here are 10 romantic getaways in Nigeria that you will find incredible with a romantic package.

1.ikogosi warm spring

Located in the rustic and serene town of ikogosi-Ekiti state, ikogosi warm springs is one of the nature place on Nigerian getaway, which gives the finest tourist attractions with it’s stunning natural beauty that is perfect for couple or lover that needs a romantic getaway in Nigeria. Enjoy a walk on nature’s trail while listening to the enchanting chorus of birds.

2 kajuru castle

This wonderful resort is located at kajuru village inside the trade city of kaduna. Is a perfect destination for couples or lovers dreaming of a romantic haven with lots of spectacular views,peace and glittering night that has nature at it’s best. Head up to kajuru village and enjoy breakfast served with true ‘Nigerian’ hospitality. With no doubt it is the right getaway for the season of love.

3.whispering palms

Whispering palms is located in the lush tropical landscape,swaying palm trees and pristine beaches of Badagry. Toast Your special moment together with an intimate luxury sunset ride on the beach,or go for a romantic dinner with your partner while watching the sunset. It offer various amenities such as mini zoo,classic restaurant and comfortable rooms. That will boost the vibe throughout your stay.
It’s the idea sport for season of love

4.obudu Ranch

Obudu cattle Ranch has for long proven to be the perfect getaway destination. It’s located in the heart city of calabar, Nigeria most beautiful state. For a spark on your romantic flames without much distraction, Obudu Ranch is the getaway for you. With it’s alluring atmosphere couple with it’s perfect blend of nature and modernity is the place to celebrate season of love. With lots of activities to engage in such as swimming,cable cars riding.walk on air with canopy walkway,don’t forget to visit Agbokim waterfalls, Obudu ranch will leave you with an unforgettable memories.

5.La champagne Tropicana beach Resort

La champagne Tropicana is located in ljegun lagos state, it’s quiet and serene place for lovebirds who wish to be out of bustling of the city of Lagos. A place for nature and beach lover that want to have a real romantic getaway. The views are iconic with the reflection of setting of sun upon the calm of the Atlantic Ocean. What more can you look for! You can dive in to the beautiful ocean or play peek-a-boo with your partner,there are so many to do that can make your season of love one not to forget. The resort package is spacial. Head up an make your season of love one to remember.

6. Epe Resort and Spa

Located at Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos, the romantic scenery will definitely sweep you both off your feet. The resort is a combination of both contemporary and traditional style. If you are planning to indulge in a more relaxing atmosphere then this should be on your go-to list. The resort offers exciting sporting activities, spas, including mouth-watering local dishes.

7. La Manga Luxury Beach Villas

La Manga Luxury Beach Villas seems to be one of the favourite resorts in Lagos. A little piece of paradise nestled along the unspoilt Atlantic Ocean on the beautiful and alluring Island of Ilashe in Lagos. The place is simply stunning! With just a 15-minutes boat ride from Ikoyi and Victoria Island, La Manga Luxury Villas is surrounded by luscious and towering coconut palm trees and boast beautiful views that are sure to elevate the mood of you and your partner. It is an ideal destination to spend Valentine’s Day, with the quiet setting making it a perfect place for lovers nest. The resort’s beautiful grounds are vast as well as the number of facilities and activities it has to offer such as jet ski, boat cruise and other water sports.

8. Omu Resort

Impress your partner by visiting the Omu Resort. Situated at Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way, the resort offers an unrivalled Africa safari experience where warm atmosphere, friendly staff and fine cuisine compliment the excellent game viewing. This is one of the most thrilling getaways for valentine’s day. Be ready to see the famous Africa “Big Five” in the zoo, and partake in various activities such as karting, archery, golfing and much more. We recommend at least 3 days for a memorable experience that you will treasure forever.

9. Lekki Leisure Lake

If you are hoping for an exciting Valentine’s day, then visit Lekki Leisure Lake. One of the most spectacular lakeside resorts in Nigeria. The resort boasts stunning panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean in the Lekki peninsula area. This is a perfect place for thrilling leisure experiences in Nigeria. Nothing feels more relaxing than cruising along the serene and tranquil water in a pontoon boat. Make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable by taking part in these exciting activities offered at Lekki Leisure Lake.

10. Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure

This is one of the most romantic places to spend a memorable Valentine’s Day. Set on the tranquil banks of the magnificent Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, it offers a perfect blend of nature which includes beach and a warm Atlantic sea. There’s always fun water sports you can explore and plenty of amenities to get you hooked such as golfing, beach clubs and spa. It also boasts of world-class accommodation to round off a perfect day in paradise.

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