Google is taking a new dimensions now,by entering the game world with the idea of making it’s own console.

As you all no, that is not always necessary to have a vibrant computer or a console at home for you to play video games,because They are lots of service that allow playing of Game through internet streaming,examples PlayStation in addition,

NVIDIA is another which gives access to Geforce Now beta. Now you can play from another PC to your own gaming Pc with help of steam in-Home streaming. To top it all Google the internet power house is joining the race with it’s new streaming service -Yeti

‘Mind you’ Running video games in the cloud requires a hole lot of servers,an is one thing Google can boast of. Google has many servers now to it’s credit, an this will bring to an end of launching a physical product capable of running video games,and it will be one capable of doing that through online streaming on a console,or in a chromecast.

Google Yeti would be similar to playstation or Geforce either. For user to have access to this service it require using Google console, that will definitely have it’s own command control.

Google has being test running several versions of “Yeti”, including one that would have worked with a chromecast. Moreover before the introduction of Yeti, several project has being launched. a Google console based on Android to play,but it did not receive much popularity because those games can be easily accessed by most users with any mobile or tablet.

for now we really can’t tell what kind of game that Google Yeti would run through streaming,nor the operating system that will run the console but we are sure that it would support VR Gaming.

this service was meant to be launched at the end of last year,but was delayed.

Two weeks back the company signed Phil Harrison,who has worked at Sony and Microsoft. Harrison Is leading an unspecified project within the company as vice president. Harrison was involved I’m the development of Gaikai,the service that Sony layer bought and was renamed PlayStation Now


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