Facebook  Development on chat bots,FAIR (Facebook artificial intelligence Research) are test running a new program that will help bots chat like humans.

In reference to the research team,there making use of a special 164,000-utterance data set which is known as “persona-chat” to help it’s Artificial intelligence on how to chat like humans.

The persona chat contains more then 160,000 lines of dialogue data which are sourced from workers found on Amazon’s “Mechanical Turk” the marketplace.

Here are a brief explanation on how Mechanical Turk works.

MTurk  is a crowd sourcing internet marketplace that enables businesses and individuals to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers can not carry out.

The outcome was a bit satisfactory, the test running showed that persona-driven bots did not do well on “fluency”and “consistency”.However,they were so much better than normal chatbots.

This test running from Facebook is vital because last year the company shut down one of it’s Al systems when it was found that chatbots created it own language and started communicating in a new way which was created without human input.

This must sound like script from a sci-fi film but believe it, it’s true.

We just have to hope that bots don’t make new languages anymore,that will overthrow their human masters…


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