Microsoft has started getting red of password from it’s windows,starting with it’s latest upgrade windows 10 S. Well I use to say that if ain’t broken,don’t try fixing it”.to me there is nothing wrong with the previous Microsoft passwords but I guess Microsoft have there own reason for doing this. Don’t get scared away with the thinking that you will be using computer with no security. There’s always a way out- PIN,facial Recognition and Biometrics.

In Windows 10,Microsoft has invested heavily in the field of security and access control in it’s operating system.

It’s latest build Is dedicated to insiders now brings a unique novelty:windows has abandon it’s passwords. This new features is,for now,limited to windows 10 S users only.

The insider builds will come with new features that windows 10 will debut later.

In the newly arrived build 17093 Microsoft ended the passwords and start using authentication through the Microsoft authenticator application. The end of passwords and the use of other authentication mechanisms,simpler and at the same time,more secure as well.

Microsoft’s Authenticator application or other biometric mechanisms that will be used is going to gain you access to windows 10 or any other area that will require user authentication.

 The tech giant wants to move further and remove passwords from all other windows. By doing so,everything is focused on what the windows Hello has to offer,from facial recognition to the use of the PIN TO UNLOCK.

This is Microsoft’s first step towards removing passwords,delegating biometric sensors to all authentication processes.

For now,This is only available in Microsoft’s windows 10 S only,but will be probably extended to the remaining version within the test of time


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