Well here is a solution to hiding your Whatsapp online presence. Many at times Whatsapp pop up massager fails to pop up making you ready message you never intended to read.

Here is a solution to help you out,it might not be all you wanted but will save you the pain of reading message you weren’t ready to reply.¬†

Unseen is the application that will enable you read your friends messages on Whatsapp and other social media platforms Facebook etc without your friends knowing. This app let you read an chart with out leaving any trace of your last seen notice 

You can also read friends messages anytime you want to read them in incognito mode,without them knowing you have read it.

In case your someone that receives so many messages every time both important and unimportant ones,this is the app that will help you out.

For ladies that gets so many messages from different guys. this app will help you read their messages without them knowing you have read them until you decide to reply them.

But please don’t snub all messages because you might save a life through reading some message

How It Works
Download the app,it require you giving it permission to have access to your contacts and message as well as notifications from your popular social media platform.

Now ones a message is dropped in any of your social media handle,it will also be received in unseen application. There you can read it freely,whenever you want,without having any of your friends knowing you have seen it.

Note: This app doesn’t work with modified Whatsapp like GBwhatsapp and OGwhatsapp.

How To Install it
Download unseen from Google playstore.
Grant it access to your contacts and your are all good to Go.


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