Have you for ones ask your self this question, Why do my phone browse faster then my connected laptop through Hotspot?

The answer is very simple – the bandwidth of Wi-Fi hotspots are 2 bandwidths on mobile devices -2.4GHZ and 5.0GHZ.

Manly looking at this, your going to come up with the conclusion that 5.0GHz is the fastest one. your right but there things to consider because it has to do with physics – waves in particular. Here is little explanation

5GHz provides faster internet service at a shorter distance while 2.4GHz provides internet coverage at a farther distance,an it perform at a slower speeds.

This means that higher frequency signals cannot penetrate solid objects E:G walls an floors this also is available in lower frequency signals.remember that 2.4GHz has a frequency of farther range then 5GHz

This means that files will download and upload faster when the bandwidth is high, Application such as live streaming of video Is going to perform smoother and faster. Higher frequencies Also increase data transmission, it is also know as bandwidth. With this 5Ghz with higher bandwidth will give you much faster internet than 2.4GHz.

Most devices comes with 2.4Ghz frequency,an those devices uses the same “radio space” which makes the channel overcrowded. The 5Ghz band has a total of 23 channel available making it move more faster compare to 2GHz which has only 3 channel on it. The truth is I really don’t know if this 5GHz is available on all smartphone but if your lucky to have it why don’t you give it a try. When you experience any issues with the network just switch back to 2.4GHz

Thinking of which one to choose from between the two?

If your in need of speed, I think you should go for 5.Ghz is a better option compare to 2.4GHz

If the wireless range is more important to you just go for 2.4Ghz is usually a better option for you then 5.Ghz.linkĀ 



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