Ad network is one of the ways of making money as a blogger but also there things to have in mind about the networks, that can affect your blogging career which can make you to quit from the blogging world along the line. To be successful with ad networks here are things you should know as a blogger

Ad network should not make you loose traffic

Often at time bloggers who are not approved by Google AdSense become very desperate to make money by all means as a result of that they move to other networks, to increase there earning. They end up adding ad formats that will affect the readers of the site. Lots of pop ups and redirections will definitely make you loose readers, and as you loose readers, your traffic go down and your Alexa Rank falls too causing low earnings.

Ad networks shouldn’t be your main income stream

The most important thing to have in mind is to build up your readers to the point that you could start selling your own ad space but before that time,I want you to understand that most top niche blogs makes money from different source – affiliate marketing,sponsored post,etc.

Affiliate marketing helps a lot.Depending on ad  networks will limit you to a certain amount of money depending on your traffic straight.

With Ad Network On Your Blog Doesn’t Mean You Will Make Lots Of Money.

When you don’t have enough traffic on your site and ad network approve you, it would only make you look more frustrated and resulting to quitting along the wag.

It’s because you think that you will start earning big amount of money when the ad networks approves you but on the contrary,this is not possible when you don’t have enough traffic.

With the best type of ads for your site and well placed will definitely boost your income

There basic hotspots that get more clicks generally. I don’t mean placing your ad codes in a way that violates the ad networks rules. You can try placing the ads above the fold,in the middle if your posts and on the side bar. Google AdSense has a feature which will allow you block specific ads from your site. In case your running a travel blog for example you can block ad categories that aren’t related to your niche.

Having The Best Ad Network For Four Site.

In some sites Amazon shopping ads may perform better than AdSense ads and it goes vice versa.the worst Ad networks I advice against are Adsoptimal and media.net they perform so badly.

I recommend you try Google AdSense,propeller ads and native advertising platform like contend.ad,Revcontent,Taboola,Mgid and outbrain.link

You can also make your choice happy blogging


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