Technology as we all know, has become so helpful then we imagine. Providing us with not only fun,but also taking our life to the next dimension. However,who says we are going to still stick with just the regular tech tools/apps or features? That we are familiar with.

Here,we are going to bring you to speed on most of the amazing tech hack you can learn in just 10 minutes or less.

Load subtitles of movies automatically

You don’t need to load subtitle every time you play a movie. How is that possible?  Just rename the subtitle file to this (.srt file) same as the movie name then keep them In the same folder.

Look through Instagram.pictures without being worried of accidentally liking the pictures

want to look through someone’s Instagram pictures without “double taping”fear? all you need to do is to scroll through their feed while your phone is on airplane mode or data switch off. But mind you that without internet access,you won’t like their pictures even if you accidentally double tap it.

Note the pictures won’t load in the first place if you start with airplane mode or data switch off, though. You have to go to the feed first to be able to load the pictures before turning on airplane mode or switching off the data, then you start scrolling. When you get to the end and need to load more repeat the same thing again.

Downloading copy of your Facebook data

Well just in case you have need to access all your Facebook data ( your past chat conversation,uploaded pictures,shares,status update,and many more), it’s possible. Facebook allows the Download of your data and activities in PDF format.

Here is how is done:

Go to settings,in your Facebook app below General account settings, you’ll see download a copy of your Facebook data.

After clicking on Download a copy, Facebook will redirect you to DYI (Download your information ) page.

On the DYI page,click on start my archive. Next.enter your Facebook password,which will be required for confirmation, and click submit.

Facebook would then generate your personal archive that stores whatever you have shared on the platform and then email it to you when it’s ready. There you have it! Your own personal copy of all your Facebook data right in your email.

Convert a YouTube video into animated Gifs

are you aware that there is an easy way to make animated Gifs out of your favorite YouTube video? Just navigate to URL of  the YouTube video which you will like to turn into an animated GIF. Add GIF before YouTube in the URL (e.g – gifyoutube.com/watch/?v=ZE1ZCOv1RiA)

Instantly, you will be redirected to Gifs.Com and you will see the video getting converted into an animated GIF.

 Reveal the password hidden behind asterisks and dots

Whenever you type your password to login to any site, you will see that your password is hidden behind asterisks or dots,but you want to reveal it,then follow the simple steps below:

Simply right- click on the password field,click on “inspect element”( chrome and Firefox).

You will see the HTML code that the website consists of. You will also see something like type=”password”. You’ll be able to edit this field.

You will see the HTML code that the website consists of. You will also see something like type=”password”. And once you double click on “password” you’ll be able to edit this field.


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