Facebook new feature very helpful, if you still don’t know how much time you spend on social media. Facebook have launch a new time management feature to help you reduce the time you spend on Facebook like it’s said, time is money.

This features Is available on Facebook and Instagram. To access the feature simple, go to settings page on both application. For Instagram users should tap on “your activity”, while Facebook users should tap”your time on Facebook”.

Your going to be presented with an average time spent on that particular application on that device, along with a dashboard which will allow you customize your social media experience.

Below the dashboard, you can set daily reminder to alert you when you have reached the amount of time you want to spend on the application for that day. Note that you can change or cancel the reminder any time you want.

Secondly you can also tap on “Notification settings” to access the new ‘mute push notifications”settings. This feature will help you limit your Facebook or Instagram notifications for the period of time you need to stay focus

That’s all for now,How many hours do you spend on FB and Instagram daily? How much data do you consume on your social media daily? Find out now by activating this feature on your Facebook or Instagram


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