Most people travel for fun and the last things they want is complications and stress that comes with travelling,booking and organizing. Without taking much of your time, let’s talk on how to save money for travel. Now is era of technology and almost everybody use social media for so many activities. people are also making a living through social media.but we are here to talk about how to save for your next travel, here are some application that you can use to save for your next trip. Mind you that nothing can give you joy like getting everything cheap and easy when making plans for your next trip. Travelstart Nigeria is there to give you cheap and affordable flights to anywhere in the world that you are looking at visiting. There always available for you 24/7. Yes 247

Now to our topic of the day which is apps that can help you save money on your next trip. Companies are completely on their feet this days with their app creations. Right now you can organize your whole trip with a few cleverly selected apps- here are round down of the application that can save you lots of cash for your next travel


This is a wonderful app and it is the official flight booking app of travelstart. Flapp is the fastest way to search, compare and book cheap flights -directly from your phone or tablet. This app has helped over 500,000 travelers and it has gotten thousands of review. You can get it downloaded from Google play store to save cash for your next travel.

XE Currency

For multiple travelers who pass through different destination on there trip, it is very advisable to check your flight Routes to know how much you will be spending when you travel. With this application you can convert currency just to help you know where you stand financially. And this application keeps it conversion up to date so that you’re always on top of everything.

Google Translate

This application is one you should not go without because not everybody hear neither speak the same language. And when making a trip you have the advantage of meeting people who might not understand you. But with this application you get the communication going, this is unbelievable handy for dining out and navigation- so make sure you’ve it downloaded.

WhatsApp messenger

As we all know WhatsApp is a social messaging app and we don’t have all the money to be paying loads of phone fees every month whenever we decide to travel on holiday. With this you can call your family and friends or who ever you could think of as long as the person is connected on WhatsApp. And with this era of technology, almost everybody uses WhatsApp this days


Skype is also one great app which can save you cost for travel. From the experience I had when booking a flight for travel through to book my flight. I had to communicate my friend through skype and he was able to guide me on the process and it was so cool having this application with me because it save me the stress of moving around and looking for who that can give me a through guide on the situation that i was in at that moment. It can also be use to keep up with friends back home over the phone without having to pay phone bills. Which might be very costly

With this apps to save you coat for next travel, I strongly believe you will find this apps listed above very interesting and enjoy saving money for your next trip. This is not just all that is out there,there many but this are just my top five apps I have used to save cost on my trip. here are gadgets not to leave outside your traveling box,  If you have more to share please don’t forget to use the comment box to let us know the apps that have saved you money


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