Fingerprint scanners, are those little things you see at the back of every smartphone these days and it can be quite annoying once in a while when trying to unlock your phone with it. you will get messages like this.

“Fingerprint mismatch,fingerprint Error,fingerprint is Dirty,fingerprint Not Recognized”.

At this point you will probably look at your fingers and start wondering what’s wrong with your fingerprint, but in case where you have face ID you can use it to bypass the fingerprint. But if you don’t here are little steps that will help you increase the accuracy of your fingerprint scanner.

Depending on the device your using or model of your phone, you might find it a little difficult to locate the exact name of your phone fingerprint settings. On pixel phones, it’s called pixel imprint. On Samsung Galaxy device, it called “fingerprint scanner. Go to the setting and select security.

Most smartphones would allow you put up to 5 fingers. The best way to set it up is the ambidextrous way, what do I mean Don’t put allĀ  the finger in your one hand as a print there.

The ambidextrous way is that you should register fingers on the both hands, This way if the hand you usually unlock your phone easily with is not working you use the other one.

Similarly, it’s probably a good idea to register multiple fingers on each hand. I believe we all use our phones in a way that our index finger is the easiest to unlock it so if your are right-handed you can try this

a. Right index finger
b. Right middle finger
c. Left index finger

If you are a south-paw just do the exact opposite. Right now we have 2 more finger print slot left.

This time get your fingers wet and clean it in a way that it isn’t completely dry them register the finger. This will come in handy when you are in the bathroom or coming out of the rest room and your hands are a bit damp. So we have

d. Wet Finger

So one more finger is remaining now the moment of truth, you can register your toe print as the one; anyone of your choice. I know right now you probably think I’m nuts for saying this,you’d be shocked at what you find.

e. Your Toe

On a side note- The whorls and ridges on our toes and fingers develop uniquely in each Person and are not genetically determined. There are few famous cases in which criminals have been caught by using toe-prints. The first was at a Scottish bakery in 1952 when a safer cracker was identified by the footprints he left in flour.


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