As we all wait for WhatsApp to release the new update which contains the dark mode features, here are couple of new features WhatsApp is also working on credit to wabetainfo for this information.

Vacation mode

This Is one of the features, your going to see and is based on the silent mode. When it’s enabled, is going to prevent archived chat sessions from becoming active again even when a new massage is received.

Once this vacation mode is enabled in your WhatsApp Notification settings, archived chats won’t be un-archived if you have previously muted them

This feature is also important when you don’t want a specific chat in your chat list: when you mute and archive it, you don’t see it again even when the person send you a message, except when you view your Archived chats.

Silent mode

Silent mode allows you to hide the application badge for muted chats which is already enabled for everyone. Apparently, this mode is enabled by default, so there’s no need to get it activated again.

Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts this feature is going to allow users link their Instagram and WhatsApp accounts. However, for now we can’t really say all what this features is going to be for but it might allow you receive update from your Facebook /Instagram account using WhatsApp and you can also share your status update automatically to Instagram and Facebook.

Once available it will be located under your profile settings.

For now relax, why we wait for the update to roll in. Once again show someone some love by sharing this post


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