Reason to stop using GB WhatsApp


GB WhatsApp is the popular modified version of WhatsApp that most people use these days because of the more features it offer then the official WhatsApp application. So if you are wondering the reason why you should stop making use of this application,right here is the reason why you should stop using GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp lacks privacy

 There is no privacy in this application and for that reason you won’t find it on Google play store because it did not pass the security tests and also because it’s a clone app.we all love customization but how are you going to feel waking up and seeing your conversation published somewhere online?

In other words,if you use anyother application other then the official app, you stand high chance of being compromised, WhatsApp uses end to end encryption to protect your conversation.meaning only the sender and receiver can read the message because only them have the key. Lots of unverified report are there,about the developer of this app adding malicious code to the app and also there’s high chance that your information are being gathered without you even knowing.

  • Here are things which might have being added without users knowing 
  • Keylogger – so that everything you type will be automatically store in their server. 

With the development that banks are now starting to have transaction support on WhatsApp they may keep track of your online transaction through your phone and they may copy those keystrokes of your data to clone your card. 

Anything you send or receive will definitely not have end to end encryption like the original WhatsApp, and developer can receive the private data, including image and videos.

They have access to read your sms,they can receive the OTP as well.

your memory card access is also there,meaning that you have no privacy on that device at all.have you ask yourself this question,why will someone modify an already made application. Remember that once you download and install the application,you have given the developer authority over your data indirectly.

 No total assurance that the developer is not continuously spying on the daily activities you usually do with your smartphone.the day he decides to mess with the data he can easily do that because the users already gave him permission to their data.

I still agree that GB whatsapp still provides a lot of extra useful features but is it worth exchanging your entire online privacy and data including your contacts info, personal chats, messages, voice notes, gallery, camera, GPS locations, account information, call history just for the sake of using a single unofficial application.

Here is what you really need to understand

WhatsApp is not open source platform – This means that nobody can just simply copy and paste code by making a few changes and launch it as a separate product. Such apps are cloned and might steal your information by adding some extra few lines of code

Your going to be banned soon – some of people have started saying that their account has been banned by official WhatsApp for making use of these apps. WhatsApp are going to implement ads on their platform this year as a way of generating revenue from the application and developers of these cloned apps may try to stop these ads from working on their own nodded versions and only way WhatsApp WhatsApp can run its ads successfully is by putting an end to those cloned application with it’s users.

A word is enough for the wise,be careful Be it GBWhatsApp , YoWhatsApp , APCWhatsApp , PDPWhatsapp or any unofficial Whatsapp app stay away from it. Link


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