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Have your luggage ever fallen a victim of lost? If you’re a frequent flyer and you have not witness such then consider yourself as the most luckiest person. When such things happen I know lots of us will put it up as human error… And at the same time it can be very annoying experiencing such.when your luggage is MIA and you have no idea where it is or how to get it back 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions when luggage or belongings can’t be found and discuss what to do to retrieve it from the Bermuda triangle of lost luggage

What percentage of checked bags are lost from time to time?

The simple truth is that with the help of technology and automatic tracking system it becomes very difficult for your checked in luggage to get ever it dose not mean such thing don’t happen it dose.secondly the chances of luggage being put on another flight or taking a detour to another airport are greater on connecting flights.

Here is a scientific theory I really find interest in, which say that the ring of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage”. – Mark Russell

The things that will happen if an airline loses your luggage?

If your luggage get lost the first step is not to panic or start blaming or be nasty to the airport staff or people who are trying to are the things to do if you find yourself standing at the carousel and your bag is nowhere to be found.

First check the other carousels baggage office, or holding area. It is hard for such to happen but there is always a chance that your bag made the flight but was offloaded somewhere else.

If your bag was delayed,the check-in tag on your luggage should allow the airline’s online system to figure out where your bag is and why it was delayed.

If your luggage has gone with no trace,you will need to report it to the airline and baggage claim office immediately.

If you were on a connecting flight you will need to report it to the operating airline of your last flight.

Don’t forget to include a detailed description of your bag and travel itinerary and be sure to include contact information so they can get hold of you. You should also ensure you get a reference number.

Follow up with the airline within 24 hours and request a reimbursement for your checked baggage fee ( if applicable).

If the airline is able to locate and retrieve your luggage they should courier it to you free of charge. But this is not always the case. Double check if there is a delivery fee and don’t be afraid to insist that they return it to you especially if the items you listed were valuable.

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If your luggage is not found and returned after 21 days it is considered lost forever. You will then be able to make a lost baggage’ claim with the airline and be compensated for your loss. The claim process is a lot more detailed so you will be required to list everything that was in the bag and include purchase dates and receipts for expensive items.

Mind you, Different airline may have different policies for lost luggage.

How much do airlines have to pay for lost luggage?

Various airline offer compensation for essential purchase if your luggage is delayed and compensation for your luggage and it’s contents if it is on the bases of forever.if you are claiming expensive items are in the luggage that was lost, but remember that you will provide prove that truly your the real owner of those items.

Note: some airline do not take responsibility for expensive items such as visas, computer equipment, electronic devices, documents,and jewellery in lost luggage.

How To Track Lost Luggage?

Most of the airline websites have a lost baggage tracker section where you can put in the tracking number and see the status of your luggage.

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How to avoid losing my luggage?

Having travel insurance is great,but most of us will agree that we want to get our original belongings back. Fortunately,there are some precautions you can take to ensure you never lose valuable luggage.

Pack valuables and your favorite jacket in your carry-on luggage. Many airlines do not cover valuables that get lost or stolen I’m checked bags. This includes passport,cameras, cellphones, money and jewellery.

Clearly label your bag with your contact details and destination. This will make it easy for the airline to track you down and return your luggage.

Ensure that the person who checks your luggage attaches the correct destination ticket.

Customise your checked bag to make it easy to identify so somebody doesn’t grab it by accident. Buy a suitcase in a distinct colour or get a unique luggage belt or tag.

Ensure you have enough time between connecting flight and avoid late check-ins. If you barely make a flight there is a good chance that your luggage won’t. If you are flying with multiple airline you are required to re- check your luggage.

Make sure that you keep the luggage stub from your checked luggage as it is a critical piece of information to prove ownership should your luggage get lost or stolen.the ground staff will usually stick it on the back of your boarding pass.

Consider getting traceable luggage tags. They are nifty inventions with GPS locators that give you more control over the whereabouts of your luggage when it’s out of your sight.they work on a global scale and will give you peace of mind for those long- haul flights where multiple connecting flights and stopover can increase your chances of losing your luggage.

Conclusion, lots of travellers are at the mercy of airlines when it comes to luggage,but by clearly labelling your luggage and being careful when choosing a flight with enough connection time between flights, you will be able to avoid having to deal with lost luggage.

Unfortunately, many travellers are at the mercy of airlines when it comes to luggage, but by clearly labelling your luggage and being careful about choosing a flight with enough connection time between flights, you should be able to avoid having to deal with lost luggage.

Have your luggage ever gone missing on a trip? Let us know your experience by using the comments section below.


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