Game of thrones season 8 on its way


Game of through season 8 will be released April 14th, HBO made this known on it’s fine teaser it releases on Sunday. This means those of us living in Nigeria will be able to watch the season 8 premiere on April 15 in Genesis or silverbird.

If this year finale airs on consecutive weeks,like it has always be done in the past when it was released in April, the series finale should air by may 19.

There are only six episodes in this season 8 which makes it the shortest of all it’s previous seasons. Also,there rumours that each episode in the show’s final season will run for an hour and a half long. Which would still effectively put the finale season close to a traditional year.Here is a brief of the first teaser of the season 8
It focuses on the starks family of winterfell: Sansa (Sophie Turner), Arya( Maisie Williams),and Jon snow ( kit Harrington), who still believes his a bastard.

There is no sign of Bran (Issac Hempstead wright) in the teaser, which is partially understandable with the fact that he has little affection left for his siblings and any attachments to past titles in his new role as the three-eyed Raven.

Sansa, Arya and Jon take a walk through the winterfell crypts in the first season teaser, and as they move past the statues of thier fallen family members,voice- overs from lyanna,Need,and Catelyn reference past events. Eventually, they come face to face with their own statues, which is an ominous sight for sure.

A winter chill creeps into the frame as the teaser concludes, literally bringing the stark motto- winter is coming”- to life.

The way this new clip is set up suggests it has been purposely shot for marketing purposes and it dose not include real footage from the show’s final season, 

Remember that the stark home is going to be the first stand in the fight against the white walkers,who breached the wall at the end of the last season. That was just one of the several big moment in the season 7 finale, with the reveal of Jon snow’s birth name – Aegon Targeryen and the start of his relationship with Daenerys Targaryen ( Emilia clarke).keep your legs crossed why we wait for this movie to be fully released.cheers.


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