8 Amazing secret that you never know about your sleeping position


Your body posture and stance say can tell the world a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. When you’re awake, however, you’re at least somewhat in control of how you appear to the world. When you’re asleep, on the other hand, your subconscious takes over. If you find yourself sleeping in the same position, night after night, that can be very revealing. Your posture when you’re asleep is a window into your psyche—it can reveal your secrets. Here’s what your sleeping position says about you.

1, You have to hug something

When you fall asleep with something in your arms—be it a pillow, a teddy bear or a comforter—it implies you’re very trusting, and open with others—perhaps to a fault! Your friends know that you’re a trustworthy companion who will always have their back, even if you can be a little bit clingy from time to time. continue Reading


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