9Mobile Free Data,Here is How To Get 2Gb on 9mobile


In case you don’t know,9mobile free data is here again.9mobile is giving subscribers free data but there’s a clauses that is attached to it.mind you nothing comes for free just like that, the clause is that your going to be a Samsung users 😭

You head me that’s the clause and it must be Galaxy J4+,J6+,A7 2018 and A9 2018, you are entitled to get free data on 9mobile.

For individual making use of Samsung Galaxy S6+ and J4+, you will get 1.5GB free instantly, 100% data bonus for the next six months and a 50% bonus next 6 months too,is this not beautiful but why must it be for Samsung Galaxy users? While Samsung Galaxy A7 and A9 users get 2GB free data instantly,100% data bonus.

9mobile Free Data

Procedure on how to Get 9mobile free Data on Samsung Galaxy mentioned above, is only to Download Samsung member App here

Get inside tips to unlock your device’s full

potential Easily review device diagnostics

Access exclusive events and benefits

Pose questions directly to the experts and get 1-on-1 customer support

Connect and share with others in the community

NOTE: Bonus offer ends March 31st 2019


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