Combo VPN Free Browsing Twick for MTN


Well are you on the look out for free mtn browsing twick, There is good news for you.combo VPN MTN settings allow users to browse for free on the MTN Network. Mind you that free browsing is one of the things we look at for and is not that common,but don’t worry we are here for you.

To keep you updated on free and affordable data plans so you don’t get ripped off by our internet service providers.

Combo VPN MTN Settings for Browsing free

What you need

  • MTN sim without data
  • Default MTN APN settings
  • An Android phone
  • Open the app,then tap on combo settings and configure this way.
  • Turn on stealth Tunnel
  • Connection protocol – TCP
  • Connection port – 443

Turn on the switch for connect via parent proxy

Edit and set parent proxy as and 8080 as port

Turn on the switch for custom TCP/http header

Edit custom TCP/http headers


Request method: CONNECT

Injection Method: Normal

Tick keep-alive and user-agent

Press Generate and Validate and save.

Save all settings and connect

Note: This works without data or Airtime 0.0k on your MTN line and it is capped.

It is capped around 50Mb to 100Mb daily. It renews daily.

If it stops,simply open the combo app again and change URL/Host to

If you are an mpulse user and you have mpulse data,then open the combo app again and change the URL/host to credit to naijatechguy for this info 


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