Hammer VPN Setting for MTN, Explore the net free with It


Are you interested in browsing free on MTN,then you should read this. Hammer VPN settings for MTN, here is how it works.

Frankly speaking VPN has tons of servers to choose from and you can even get unlimited data or In a few cases, you will be limited to a particular data cap

Hammer VPN settings for MTN explained

Just like every other VPN services, Hammer VPN has both a free and paid server plans. The free server is capped at 100mb per day and once exhausted, you can quickly switch to another free server and connect again. You get 14 free servers per day which is in total 1.4GB.

How to configure

In order to use this Twick on your MTN device here’s what you need to do. Follow the instructions below


MTN 4G or 3G sim without active data

Default MTN APN settings

Hammer VPN APK – Download Here


Username: ntg1234

Password: leave it at the default ( do not edit it)

Server: choose any free server

Use this as the ports to the two boxes

The first is 8080 and the second box is 9201. Select UDP too and then click on the connect.

It takes 10 – 30 seconds for the VPN to establish a connection based on how strong the network in your location is,before getting connected. But once is connected lunch your browser and start exploring your way through.

How to Bypass 100mb daily limit

Once connected to one of the server, there’s no way you won’t exhaust the daily 100mb data limit on the server, so here is an easy way you can use to bypass it’s limit.either you use your device file manager to do this or get and Es file explorer

You can download Es Explorer app here,after doing that lunch it.

Select show Hidden files’ from the menu,go to your internal storage (SD Card) folder and then click on the Android”folder and you will see all hidden files on it

Search for file that is stored as “playstor.srf.h”.open the file using the build-in ES text editor.

Once done with the step,you will see see a number in this format 10-78214644. All you are required to change are the first two numbers 10 which is your today’s date to the next day date 11.

Save your edit

Relaunch the Hammer VPN app and reconnect.it will pick up instantly, credit to naijatechguy for this info


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