PES And FIFA’s Life lessons To Apply This year


Those are the two choices of video game that people love to play and this games can be very hard when your facing an experienced opponent.

But do you know that this games we play for fun, there life lessons embedded in them that we must at times over look? 

So today we are going to point out this lessons and how you can use them to get ahead in this new year

Learn to take your chances as they may be crucial

If your playing any of those games,your not always presented with host of Chances especially if your opponent is very experienced more then you. This also goes to life, life don’t give you several shots at goal to succeed, most times, all you need is just a shot on target to make a win.

Always make changes

When a player is weak or injured the first thing you do is substitute or if your at the edge of losing to your see if it will change the game.

In life,when you see that your plans and strategies stop working, it’s a pure indication that you need to make a change. Mind you that the most prosperous people in life are always known to making changes.

Don’t give up at first try, Don’t stop,Give it more shot

Many at times when playing this game for the first time and with a very experienced opponent,I could remember that I was trached 7-0,10-1 but Did I stop playing rather I request for more and more rematch.

This also goes to your life or business. If at first you don’t win, you don’t stop, go harder,put more strategy,change your approach. One day,you will surely win

5. Be courageous

This applies to those times when we are told that outside shots dont score goals in winning Eleven 8. 🤣 But have you tried using the Brazilian plays or choosing either Emerson or Gilberto Silva to play those shots.

Life comes with it’s own illusions. People will tell you that you can’t succeed with the method your using.the business your planning to start is risky, people that has done it in the past failed. Mind you that those who win in life are those who are willing to take risk against all odds

Take A Break

The half time situation in PES and FIFA are there for a reason. It’s there for a purpose of resting,chilling then go back to the drawing board, analyse what they’ve done wrong and effect a change.

The same options In life too. Take a break from your husle once in a while, recharge your batteries, Read some books and case studies, analysis your current situation. And come up with something new and move on.

So people,here we round it up. You deserve to deserve to win. Nobody is born a loser. In you is embedded uncountless potentials and ideas for you to succeed. Mind you that people will learn from you in time coming.

But all that will happen the moment you start doing the right thing.cheers and stay positive. Show someone love by sharing this article because it might be a life saver to someone


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