Check out the world biggest battery smartphone Energizer


Well if I must say this year is coming out with spectacular smartphones and am very serious with this because now there is phone with the biggest battery life,called Energizer P18k pop.

Yes you heard me right, not long we see crazy phone designs like Samsung and Huawei’s foldable phone, Nokia’s phones that comes with 5 cameras and now we are seeing power bank of a phone. To me is wonderful to see all this new devices coming in.

Energizer P18k pop- phone with the biggest battery life

 Meet the device that comes with a massive 18,000 mAh battery capacity, this is basically a very massive battery built into such a device that’s my own personal veiw on this smartphones

On a second thought,can one carry this big battery phone in his or her pocket because I know it will definitely send the cloth flying.

Well here is a clear picture of this device just in case you don’t understand what we have being talking about here since,so you can get it straight now.

Credit to naijatechguy

This device remind me of those big phones mustly used by elderly people back In the days and I can bet you that this device weighs more than the Nokia 3310. Phones are generally getting flatter and flatter and this company is doing direct opposite.

Believe me this device is about the size of three phones joined together. Well to me the size is really a bad one but the hardware part aren’t that bad though,but the battery is really a very big one. According to the manufacturer, the battery can last up to 50 days on stand by and play 100 hours of music.Not bad at all 

Energizer P18k pop Other Features 

This device processor is a basic 2GHz processor from mediaTek-The Helio P70 Mediatek Chip.

Credit to naijatechguy

Coming to the camera department,you get five camera- three at the rear(12Mp+5MP+2MP) and two at the front (16mp+2mp). The screen is a 6.2inch full HD+ resolution display. You also get 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

Price of this device Energizer P18k pop 

The price of this device is $682, which is about N246,000.

From my own view,I really won’t think of it, there are better devices out there in terms of specification.not battery life but who knows,it can come in handy when your traveling to a location without electricity for long.

Your view is welcomed 

Will you buy this device? Is this device worth the price tag?

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