Check Out The world Most Expensive Memory Card


Today we introduce you to the world most expensive memory card, cameras are really getting bigger and smartphone companies are adding more internal the question is will you spend your money to buy the most expensive memory card?

New era is here and it is the era of 1TB microSD card. Micron and western Digital have both in the past unveiled 1TB microSD memory cards that will let you significantly ramp up your smartphones storage,it all depends on the weight of your pocket

The most expensive memory cards reading speed between sanDisk and micron

Western Digital’s sanDisk microSD card offers 160MB/s read speeds, while the micron card offers read speeds of 100MB/s

The micron card’s writing speed are faster,however,coming at 95MB/s-slightly ahead of the sanDisk card which is 90MB/s writing speed.

SanDisk’s 1TB extreme UHS-I microSD card will cost $450 when it finally becomes available in April, while Lexar’s SD card is already available at the price of $499.

Well here is the final verdict,there is nothing bad on buying this card. depending on what you do and the type of data you store on your really are going to be needing this 1TB micro SD Card


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