How to activate Facebook messenger dark mode


I remember when a friend of mine,ask me why can’t he activate dark mode on his Facebook messenger,I replied and told him I don’t think Facebook has roll out such feature. But now am happy to be sharing this with you guys now,on this post we are going to show you how to enable Facebook dark mode on messenger easily and it’s pretty straightforward even with the fact that the company is still testing this feature at the moment but you too can give it a try

How to activate Dark mode on Messenger

This dark mode feature can be activated on Facebook messenger by sending a moon emoji ( moon like this🌙) in a chat. As Soon as you send this emoji, you will get a pop up message at the top that read” you found dark mode

Credit to naijatechguy

Once you tap on that button, it will then take you to Facebook messenger settings where you will see a new option called dark mode. It has a toggle button right next to it. Tap it to on the dark mode 

Credit to naijatechguy
Credit to naijatechguy

Once you turn on the dark mode, Facebook will display a message saying it’s still working on the feature so you won’t see dark mode everywhere in messenger. At some places it might appear broken.

Users from countries like Philippines, Portugal, Czech republic, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Canada, macedonia and Indonesia have confirmed that the method worked for them. So you can try and drop us your comments letting us know if it worked for you 

Note: if the feature isn’t available for your country,turn on your VPN to any of the countries above,and enable dark mode,then turn it back off.


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