How multiple cameras work on smartphones


Today we are going to be answering your question on how multiple cameras work on smartphones? This year has really being a year that we have come across lots of smartphones with more then one camera. If not all brand but most of the brands has produce devices with more then one camera, you probably have seem the Nokia 9 pureveiw with 5 camera and Huawei P30 pro that comes with 4 cameras (40MP+20MP+12MP+TOF camera) and 50x optical Zoom.

Nokia 9 pureveiw
Huawei p30 pro

The two devices comes along with a very amazing specification which we are not going to talk about today 

Back to the post of the day, have you ever tried covering the main camera of your device with a dual camera?

If you haven’t try that then do it and see 

You will notice that your actually blocking the whole camera. Now it comes down to this question- what do the secondary cameras do and how do they work. 

How multiple cameras work on smartphones

Get this now, that most OEMs have other uses of their secondary camera other then the ones that will be mention below. these are just the basic functions of the secondary camera.

Secondary camera improves the overall clarity of the image with the help of a “monochrome” Feature. The secondary camera only records the black and white version of the image.why the primary camera measure how much light is coming from the point of focus.

In the past ( with the exception of pixel 3), The primary camera in smartphones normally handles the measurements so there was a very high possibility of losing some details while measuring light intensity since it would still need to work on the color filtering.

Why this extra burden is handled by the second camera Which takes care of the area. Combining the monochrome image which has detailed information about the light and sharpness with the colored image that was captured by the primary camera will produce a rich and detailed image.

In some devices, the secondary camera acts as the zoom lens. Huawei uses their cameras on the p30 pro a bit differently but we are not going to talk about that on this post, hope that with this explanation you have being able to understand how multiple cameras work on smartphones


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